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summer, 1999


Colin was all-exposed but his lover was not. She still had on her demi-bra, a strapless white lace that matched her fancy g-string panties. She also wore a white garter belt and silk stockings. Kelly unclasped her bra from behind her, and when she threw her bra aside, her breasts swung free, their red nipples standing firm and erect. Colin took it upon himself to not let a good thing go to waste, and consumed these with his mouth. His tounge felt along the ridge of the nipples, and circled them. While he did this to one breast, his hand did it to another. Kelly in the meantime had her head back and was breathing deeply. Her legs spread apart, she could feel her wetness growing, soaking her expensive underwear. Colin let his exposed cock rest inbetween this wetness, and could feel her cum dripping through the material and around his hard shaft. He began to grind his pelvis against hers, and turned Kelly over to tease her ass with his cock. Kelly would have nothing of this, for she was so hungry to eat his penis that she spun around and practically engulfed him in her mouth. She dove her head down over his shaft, and Colin felt his dick slide into his lover's hot mouth so deep that it amazed him. He could feel his head run along the top of her mouth and down into her throat. While it travelled this way, he also had the sensation of his shaft being licked by Kelly's forceful tounge. Kelly began to move up and down his shaft, and the feeling was so great that Colin wanted to cum right then and there. But he controlled himself and pulled out, deciding to not let Kelly's secret garden go unnoticed. Positioning themselves in a 69, Kelly rolled around and upside down so she was on top of Colin, her hairless moist pussy on top of his face.

Colin breathed in the musty scent of his hot lover. Her juices trickled down from her vagina out and around her clit. He pushed her panties to the side and shoved his tounge into her. Kelly arched her back with pleasure, and commenced teasing Colin's head with her tounge. She licked it slowly and flicked the tip of it with her tounge as Colin probed his tounge in and out of his woman. He then moved it in circles around her clit, enjoying the wetness and taste her pussy was providing him.

This felt so good that as Kelly deep-throated her lover, her hands dug into his bum and pushed it towards her face. Colin was having fun eating out his bride, but she swung herself off of him and turned him around. Reaching toward one of her special items on the floor, she produced a scented oil-like lubricant that tasted as good as it smelled. Colin was now face-down on the bed, his hard cock being pushed into the matress. He groaned with pleasure as Kelly spread this oil all over his back, and down into his ass. She began to lick up the tasty substance with her tounge, and Colin could feel it and her tounge go into him. Kelly teased the crack of his ass quite artfully, and then got off the bed for a moment to prepare for what was to occur next.

Colin dutifully got on his hands and knees, and Kelly walked back towards him, now with a powerful strap-on dildo. It glistened in the moonlight, and her pussy juices were all over the toy. Her panties were now on the floor. The shaft was warm and thick as it entered Colin's ass. It shoved deep inside of him, and Colin, his dick growing harder; moaned with pleasure. He put his face into the pillow as Kelly began to fuck him, first slowly, then roughly. She grabbed his hair and rode his ass, smacking him as she thrust inside. Colin could feel her garter belt hit his back. The tab on the strap-on teased her clit, making it stiffen and harden more as she rhythmically fucked her lover's oily bum.

It felt like hot cum inside of him, and Colin wanted to stroke his cock, but Kelly beat him to it. An idea struck her, and after she kissed his back lovingly, Kelly rolled Colin over so that he was onto his back and into a ball. This way she could fuck his ass and give him head at the same time! Colin didn't think he could stand the pleasure, it was so great, as his wife bobbed her head up and down his shaft as her fake penis fucked him hard. They were both moaning with pleasure and excitement when Kelly pulled out and began to shake. She removed the strap-on and stood in front of Colin, fingering herself.

Colin played with his throbbing, wet shaft as he watched his love probe her fingers into herself and around her clit. Mr. Benson reached his hand towards her, and kneeling, Kelly let him in on the fun. She fingered herself into a frenzy with Colin's help, and before she could help it, her back arched with pleasure. Her hard nipples jutting forward, she bucked and moaned and came all over Colin's hand. He removed his fingers from her pussy and licked up the juices from his hand, smiling as he did this.

Both naked (except for Kelly's belt and stockings), wet partners collided together in a mesh of limbs as Kelly collapsed into her strong lover, sighing and panting. Colin lovingly and gently kissed her as she came down from her powerful orgasm. Kelly began to stroke his cock, and sat up. Turning around, she stuck her ass in front of Colin's face. Colin teased her crack with his tounge and used some of the oil to make her bum slippery and smooth. Without notice, Kelly suddenly sat her ass down on top of his cock, and Colin gasped with surprised glee as his cock slid inside her tight ass. She felt so tight and so, so hot surrounding his thick cock. Kelly inserted her fingers into her pussy, and was full of cock and probing hands as she rode her husband's equipment. Since her ass was towards him, she reached down and stroked his balls with one hand, as she removed her fingers from her pussy and played with her nipples with the other. Colin's hands rested on her hips as he brought her up and down on top of his cock.

He did not want to cum, so he pushed Kelly off of him and brought her face towards his. Kelly kissed Colin with love and passion as she slipped her pussy on top of his cock. Riding him furiously, she could feel his thick shaft inside her vagina walls, pressing against them and throbbing. Each stroke felt full and massive. She rode him swiftly and they rolled around on the bed, switching from her being on top, to him being on top, and so on. Colin slid his throbbing cock out of her pussy and brought her to her hands and knees. He re-inserted his smooth shaft into her glistening slit and pumped her slowly. He kissed every inch of her back and neck as Kelly felt tears of happiness and joy come to her eyes. Colin's breath was so warm and his kisses so soft. She loved the feel of him inside of her, and she playfully pinched her nipples as her long hair fell down and around her. Mr. Benson breathed in her scented hair and continued to pump his organ into her. As it moved in and out, it was so long that Kelly didn't know where it ended, or whether it did at all. It often amazed her at how lucky she was to have such an incredible and such a well-endowed man at the same time. She considered herself very blessed.

Colin in the meantime was thinking about his love for his wife, when he decided to roll her over. Kelly smiled up at him, and their eyes met in a soul-finding moment. Colin could see her tears and he gently kissed them away with loving care. He took his beautiful cock and placed it between Kelly's breasts. She squeezed her large globes together and she could see her husband's large pulsating head peek through them. Laughing with joy, she licked the tip of it's gorgeous opening and Colin started to pump in and out between her breasts. As he did this, Kelly would get a taste and a lick of her love's cock each time it neared her face. She loved her man so much, and she loved even more to give him pleasure.

Desperately wanting to feel his cum shoot inside her, Colin thrust his cock hard back into Kelly's vagina and began to pump amazingly fast. As she spread her legs apart and around him, the newlywed bride kissed Colin's neck while he fucked her. It felt so good to have him do this to her, and to do it to him as well. Her nipples were very hard now, and the tall handsome Colin reached down and played with them as his glistening body pumped into his wife. Soon he could almost handle it no more. Then Kelly's moans stopped and her breath intook sharply. She gasped and Colin could feel her pussy tighten suddenly, then pulsate around his cock. This was more than he could bear, and the virile young man kissed his wife lovingly and deeply as he began to cum, his thick white semen pumping into his wife. Her clenching muscles seemed almost to milk the cum right out of him, and he pulled out, still kissing her, to have the rest of his cum shoot all over her body, even on her bum. Their orgasms didn't seem to have an end, and when they finally subsided, Colin collapsed beside his wife, panting.