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summer, 1999


The Honeymoon by Colleen Kelley ~~�~~ He was the most incredible person in the universe.

At least, that's how Kelly saw him. Colin was tall, dark and handsome. Your average movie-star statistic. But he was much more than this. Kelly noticed this uniqueness from the first time she met him. Never before had her heart been ensnared by someone such a stranger, yet who, at the same time, gave her a feeling of comfort, as if she had known him her entire life. Upon meeting such a gentleman, the young woman spoke of him excitedly to her friends, her grey eyes lighting up and sparkling with animation every time she'd say his name. Upon starting to date him, her whole self seemed to soften, to grow, to gradually, gently, and beautifully mold into a better person. Colin brought out the best in people; the fun side in her mostly-serious father; the kinsman in his older, somewhat distanced brother; the youthful laughing boy in any slightly-aged authority figure at work; and, much to Kelly's admiration and appreciation, the deepest most passionate lover in the usually-subdued Kelly. So it was no surprise that Kelly tearfully and without hesitation accepted his proposal for marriage.

It was a beautiful wedding. All weddings are. Regardless of age, race, social status, and any other menial --yet noticeable-- difference, a wedding brings together people, blends families, and generally makes everyone smile. Even if some of the guests do guzzle down a bit too much champagne. (It is, of course, a cause for celebration, therefore forgiving of any breach of temprence...)

As Mr. and Ms. Colin and Kelly Benson left the chapel that afternoon and climbed into their fashionably classic limosine, Kelly's heart filled with joy, and her body ached with suspended jubilation when they looked at one another and somehow Kelly saw every question she ever asked about herself answered in his beautifully long-lashed eyes. The reception was quite a party. Everyone was there. From Scott the ever-restlessly relentless sailor dancing with a shy and alcoholically-influenced Samara, to Adam, gothic punk brother of Kelly managing to munch all of the meaty-type hors d'hourves, the party guests all appeared be having a great time. It seemed to end much too soon for the young blushing bride, but as she was to find out, the real party had not yet begun.


It didn't take long to arrive at the Empress, a classy hotel in the harbour of the now-starry and moonlit Victoria. The newlyweds had decided to spend their honeymoon night here, instead of in their cozy condo. They simply adored their cute little home, and Kelly thought it great to wake up next to Colin whose face would be adorned with the glow of the morning sun (thanks to a very picturesque window setting provided by the condominium)... but Mr. and Ms. Benson wanted something different, maybe exciting, for this special night.

After unpacking a few important items and visiting the powder-room, Kelly walked into the honeymoon suite's bedroom area and stood in front of her wonderful man. Half-lounging on the bed, he still had his dress pants on, vest, and bowtie, but his jacket had been carefully draped across a neighboring chair to ensure the minimal of wrinkles in the morning. Kelly herself had not yet changed out of her reception-gown, which was a slight variation of her wedding dress. The wedding dress's skirt had been removed so as to make for a shorter, more danceably comfortable outfit.

Ms. Benson smiled, for she felt very pretty. This dress was of the silkiest material, with pearl buttons lining the entire back. It was shoulderless. Showing the cleverest amount of cleavage, the front of the dress was heart-shaped, complementing Kelly's above-average breasts. The moonlight shone in the suite conspiciously, highlighting her white skin and golden blonde hair which had been slightly curled and put up into a twist of a bun. She wore satin high-heeled shoes. Colin's were already on the floor.

Colin smiled knowingly as his wife stood before him. Returning his seductive glance, she stepped toward him and, leaning over, their lips met in an intimate kiss. Colin's lips felt warm and loving and Kelly felt her body heat up as his tounge darted inside of her mouth while their kisses deepened. Kelly slipped out of her satin shoes and climbed onto the bed, kneeling in front of her lover. Colin's kisses continued along her shoulders and neck, making Kelly feel goosebumps all-over. As she ran her hands along his broad back and into his silky textured hair, she noticed herself growing warm and moist at the thought and touch of Colin's body.

Colin himself was growing, too. Growing hard. He was a very tall man, and had long legs, long arms, and a long torso. His lower anatomy was no exception to this rule, and he could feel his pants bulge as his kisses travelled along the top of Kelly's breasts. Kelly felt Colin's warm breath tease the small space in her cleavage, and her nipples started to stiffen with anticipation.

While her husband kissed and licked her, she placed her hands --one adorned with the perfect ring, chosen in part by creative and tastefull Colin-- on his large shoulders. Kelly pushed Colin down onto the bed, and straddled his hardness. Her delicate fingers reached for the buttons on his vest, and steadily and methodically Kelly unbuttoned both articles of Colin's upper clothing, leaving his hard chest open for her looks of admiration. Colin had ceased his kissing and was now smiling up at his angel. Kelly took the opportunity to give him a light kiss on the lips, and proceeded to press her lips against his chest, as Colin sighed blissfully. Ms. Benson's tounge pressed against his left nipple and licked around it, teasing it and making it hard. She ran her tounge along his chest horizontally and repeated the procedure with his right nipple. Once they were exposed to her satisfaction, the hungry bride sucked them until they grew dark red and erect. While she was doing this, Kelly had begun to move her hips back and forth as she straddled her partner. This teased the already-aroused Colin even more, and to her delight Kelly felt his hard-on growing impossibly large.

When he could not stand it any longer, Colin pulled Kelly toward him and kissed her deep and hard. His tounge explored her mouth and his hands ran up along under her dress... over her stockings and panties and rested around her waist, where her garter belt adorned. Colin twisted around so that Kelly was now beneath him, and his deft hands began to undo the buttons at the back of his wife's dress. There were several of them, and the more he unbuttoned, the hotter and harder he grew. He could feel the heat beneath Kelly's dress, and as soon as he finished, Colin swiftly removed the dress from his partner and wiggled out of his shirt and vest. Kelly aided him in the removal of his dress pants, socks, and most importantly, silk boxers, where she gasped at the sight of his ready cock.