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summer, 1999

Welcome to Sexyletters - summer, 1999

Summer time!    You really have to admit, there is nothing like getting yourself outdoors and enjoying the sun and warm temperatures.   I know I have, and, well, I don't have tan lines! ;-)

It has been a busy time at SexyLetters.  Most important for you is that we have moved to new highspeed servers.  Our internet connection is now probably 10 times better than it was, which means you should see the pages faster than ever!

Second of all, we are considering the frequency that we publish SexyLetters.   We want to make sure that we bring you a good magazine with great content - we don't want to have to force to bring you junk.    As a result, it looks like we will run a new edition every other month for the time being.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who submits a story.  Some of you either have had some really hot times, or your imaginations are amazing!  Either way, keep up the good work!

I want to take a moment and talk about three of our sponsor sites.   These are the three premier membership sites on the net.  PORNSTORIES is the original, with a huge number of stories, video feeds, audio stories, and a bunch more.  TABOO STORIES is similar, with a leaning towards the hot and the unusual.  Finally, the SEX STORIES super site is now open, with a pile of stories, videos, and all sorts of fun stuff.   At Sexyletters, we only have sponsors we know and trust.  These sites are all run by people I know personally, and I have checked the sites out myself (I have a tough job!).  These are three places you can spend you hard earned dollar and get your money's worth.    They help support Sexyletters, and we love them for it!

If you want to contribute to Sexyletters, CLICK HERE and we will tell you all about it.  Make sure you sign up for ADULTMAIL, so that you can be eligible to win the monthly prize - and get writing!  Your contributions make this newsletter go!  Your name will not be published (unless you ask!)

Put on your sunscreen - the summer edition is on now!

- Monica, Editor Sexyletters



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