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summer, 1999

By Denny

Boy was I sweating. Sweating more than I had in a long time. This outfit I had on was hot. I don't know how women wore these things. I used to like them but I wasn't too sure anymore. Once you get them soaking wet with your own sweat they don't fit as tight as I like them to. Anyway, I didn't have much too say about what I was wearing or about much of anything at the moment. I was lying down on the bed next to Ann. I don't know if she was sleeping or just lying there trying to think of more ways to torture me.

Ann, or Mistress Ann as I was ordered to call her was my wife. But now she wasn't my wife. She was, as her name suggests, my mistress. And I was her slave to do what ever she wanted me to do. I guess she was tired of having me perform all the duties a woman's slave normally does. I'm not trying to fool anybody, I liked being her slave. We had just started this game not to long ago. Until then, Ann had been rather on the timid side when it came to sex. Her sister had finally told her that she and her husband had been playing this game for over a year and they loved it. So one day, after that, I had come home from work and she told me how it was going to be from now on. And she was right.

The first night nothing much happened other than introducing me to tights and leotards. I had asked her to wear the tights and leotard, sometimes when we had sex. Of course, that didn't sit too well with her. She thought I didn't like to see her naked anymore and everytime I asked her to wear them she would throw that up in my face. I walked in the bedroom that night and she was lying on the bed actually wearing nude colored tights with a nude colored leotard over them. And boy they were tight and she looked good. Naturally, the first thing that came to my mind was that she had changed her mind about dressing up. Boy was I wrong.

I stood there staring at her and then started taking my clothes off. "No," Mistress Ann said, "take a shower first, I want you clean." All right, I thought what a great world we lived in. I hurried and finished my shower in record time. Thinking about how she was dressed had started arousing me before I had even finished my shower. I walked out of the bathroom, already erect, and started toward her. Then she said that word again, no and pointed to the other side of the bed.

The only thing I could see on the bed was a black pair of tights and a long sleeve black leotard. I thought maybe she wanted me to tell her which color to wear. So, I told her to keep the nude ones on. Well I was still batting a thousand. Once again, that was the wrong thing to say. In no uncertain terms, she told me those were for me to put on and wear for as long as she commanded me to. She had never talked like that before and I was stunned and guess I didn't move as quickly as she wanted. "Put them on, now," she commanded again.

By then, I had started losing my erection. She noticed that, also and told me I'd better not go soft. I sat down on the bed and pulled the tights over my legs and up to my waist. I stood up to make sure they were up all the way. I noticed how good they felt on my legs and around my crotch. Then I could see myself started to poke out through the tights. My Mistress saw that too and told me that pleased her and to hurry and put the leotard on. I sat back down on the bed and put my legs through the openings in the leotard and stood up pulling it up and started to put my arms through the sleeves.

Ann stopped me and walked over and put her hands down the front of the tights and leotard and tucked my penis as far down between my legs as she could. Then she helped me put my arms in the sleeves and straighten the leotard out. Then she told me to turn around. I could feel her pulling each leg of the tights around. "You have to keep the seams straight up the back of your legs," she said. "That is not a suggestion that is an order. Everything I tell you to do is an order from now on. You have no choice and you must obey," she finally finished. "And you have to call me Miss Ann, short for Mistress Ann."

"Yes Miss Ann," I said getting just a little bit nervous by now. However, with the tights and leotard feeling so good against my crotch the nervousness didn't last long. Ann told me to sit down on the floor by the end of the bed. I did instantly. She sat down on the bed right in front of me and leaned back on the bed. "Lick me and suck me until I have an orgasm," she whispered so quietly I almost didn't hear her. The thought of me putting my face in her crotch and making her cum almost made me cum. I had to walk on my knees to get close enough to the bed and each little movement brought me nearer to shooting of in my tights. I knew with my penis tucked between my legs, like she had done, I would never make it through what I was going to do to her.

I guess I was taking too long to get started and she reached out, grabbed my hair, and pulled my head to her crotch. I didn't need her to tell me to hurry anymore. As soon as my mouth touched those tights and leotard covering her crotch, I was already trying to lick and suck her off. It took me just a few minutes to get the material moist enough to stretch. I don't think she cared about how I was doing, she was starting to enjoy all of my licking and sucking.

I could finally move the crotch of the leotard over enough, with my tongue, to be able to get right into her vagina. She felt so wet as I pushed my tongue, tights and all, inside her, I hoped it was me getting her excited and not just being licked. The further I tried to put my tongue inside her the closer I came to loosing my load. Too late. I could feel my sperm moving up my penis and erupting out all over the inside of my tights. The more I shot off the faster I was moving my tongue around her clit.

I could tell it wasn't going to be much longer for her. My crotch was so wet from my own sperm it strangely felt good. I didn't have much time to think about it though, because she suddenly thrust her crotch up in my face and locked her knees in my body as she was having her orgasm. She had smashed her body into my face so much that it was hard to breathe. Moreover, the more she came the wetter she got and I wasn't too sure if anyone had ever drown from making their wife orgasm. I didn't really want to be in the headlines the next morning, though. Miss Ann finally loosened her grip, on my body, with her knees and relaxed enough so that I could pull my face back out of her crotch. My crotch was still dripping wet and my face was wet from her juices. However, for the moment I was in heaven.

Without saying a word she reached down to my hands and wrapped a pair of pantyhose tightly around my wrists. Then she made a loop in the free leg of the pantyhose and slipped it over my over my head and around my neck. "Now you're my slave completely," she said as she was checking the knot around my throat. I looked up at her but she had already lain back on the bed and all I could see was her wet tights and leotard where I had spent the last five minutes. Now I couldn't move my hands very much without the knot feeling like it was going to choke me. Now she had me ready for whatever she had planned, next.

 She lifted her legs up on the bed and commanded me to suck her toes. "I'm ready for another orgasm," she said softly. "But first stand up so I can see you," she said as she sat up on the bed. I didn't move fast enough so she tried to jerk me up by my hair again. That hurt so I jumped up and stood at attention in front of her.

She reached out, put her hand on my wet crotch, and squeezed hard. That hurt worse than the hair pulling. Then she pulled her hand back and licked her fingers. "You'd better go easy on your little accidents," she said, "you have a lot left to do for me and I don't want you to lose interest." Automatically I answered "yes Miss Ann." That seemed to please her and she lay back down and told me to get busy with her toes. I got down on my hands and knees and with my hands still tied guided her toes to my mouth. The instant her toes were in my mouth I felt me penis start to quiver. I knew I had to hold off as long as I could.

I watched Ann as she slipped her arms out of the leotard and pulled it down to her waist. Then she put her hand down her tights and started playing with her cunt. That made me suck harder on her toes which made her play with herself harder which made me harder. I was gently biting and sucking her toes through the tights and rubbing her feet as gently as I could with my hands tied. I loved women's feet especially when they had tights or pantyhose on. What she didn't know was this wasn't much of a punishment for me.

I could tell she had her fingers inside her moving them in and out as fast as she could. I switched feet. The other one was getting too wet. Nevertheless, she didn't miss a beat masturbating. I could feel my juices flowing again. The movement of my body while I was sucking her toes and watching her do herself had brought me to the point of no return. This time I just squeezed my thighs together around my penis and it felt just like I was screwing someone. This time the pleasure was so intense I was shaking so violently, I though for sure Miss Ann would know what was happening but then I noticed that she was right in the middle of her own orgasm. I thought I was having a good orgasm, the way she was thrusting her fingers inside her and yelling she had mine beat by a mile.

Mine didn't last as long as my first but it was much better. I was still wet from the first one so I couldn't tell how much I had shot off. But it didn't matter; I couldn't neglect my duties with Mistress Ann. I focused on sucking her toes until she quieted down. She pulled her hand out from underneath her tights and held the fingers out for me to clean off with my mouth. I wasn't sure if I had any desire left after just losing my load but I didn't have any choice so I licked each finger until I had cleaned all her own cum from her fingers. She did taste very good.

"Suck my nipples," she said, "suck them and bite them, but don't dare hurt me." I crawled on the bed and straddled her. My wet crotch was rubbing against her still wet crotch. I bent over her carefully with my hands still tied that wasn't easy. I gently put one of her nipples in my mouth and flicked it back and forth with my tongue taking gentle nips with my teeth. She instantly started moaning softly, her hand moving back down under her tights. But just as suddenly as she was turned on, she was turned off. She sat up, quickly which threw me off the bed. I looked up at her and she was pulling her leotard back up and putting her arms through the sleeves. She never took her eyes off me while she was doing that.

I didn't know what I had done or what she had in mind to do to me, next. It wasn't long before I found out. She went to the dresser and opened a drawer and came back some pantyhose in her hand. She stood over me like some kind of Supreme Being which actually she was right now. But she did look good standing there with her legs spread just enough so I could see her mound sticking out through the fabric of the leotard. Ann stood there letting me look at her perfect body then she bent down and pulled a pair of pantyhose over my head. One of the legs was pulled down almost to the feet over my head. Everything looked fuzzy through the hose. However, she would fix that problem and then that wouldn't matter any longer, she wrapped the other leg around my eyes and then I couldn't see anything. I felt her pull another pair of hose over my head. This time she wrapped the extra leg around my mouth and tucked it in behind my head so it wouldn't come loose.

Now I couldn't see or say anything. I wondered where she had found out about doing all this. I wasn't sure if I was still liking this or not. Since my tights and leotard were so wet, the material had started to creep up the crack of my butt and rubbing against my butt hole. Everything was quiet in the room. Too quiet. I thought I could hear Ann moving around but I couldn't be sure.

When she finally did speak, it startled me. She was telling me to get up on the bed. I couldn't remember which way I was facing when she put the hose over my eyes and it took me a few seconds to reach out and find the bed and climb up on it without choking myself. I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for her so she reached out, grabbed the hose running from my wrist to my neck, and gave it a yank trying to hurry me. All that accomplished was to make the knot tighter.

I was finally on the bed. I felt her getting on the bed. She reached down and untied my hands making sure I knew not to do anything while they were loose. Then she had me roll over on my stomach and put my hands behind my back. Again she tied my hands together and moved the knot on around my neck to the back of my neck. Now I knew she had me. At least before I could have reached up and pulled the hose off my eyes and mouth but now I couldn't reach anything. Actually knowing that made it more exciting.

I don't know how but I could feel myself starting to get hard again. For me that was unusual. Up until now I had been a once a day man. However, this wasn't exactly my normal day. Either. While I was still on my stomach, I felt her straddle me and sit down right on top of my hands. "Now work your magic with your fingers," she said sternly. I raised one of my fingers and instantly entered her. She was still so wet I didn't have any trouble. I found her clit and started rubbing against it softly.

Miss Ann started that up and down motion with her body and soon she was moaning and doing all the work herself. I just had to keep my fingers stiff. And that wasn't the only thing that was stiff. With her moving up and down my fingers, she was pushing my body up and down against the mattress. My penis felt like it was going to rip through the tights and leotards. This time though we both came at about the same time. She pressed her body hard against my fingers slamming my body hard against the mattress and I exploded inside my outfit she as she exploded against my fingers. We both bucked around until we were both drained. I had to fight hard to catch my breath through the hose in my mouth but that just added to the excitement. She finally rolled off me and we laid there together next to each other. I figured I would probably get some kind of diaper rash as long as my crotch had been wet.

I thought maybe that she had enough for awhile. I was tired I mean it felt good to be tied up but my muscles were getting sore and I was tired of my wet crotch. Half of me wanted her to untie me and the other half wanted her to think of something else to do to me. I don't know how long we had laid there when I felt her hand on my crotch again. "You lay here and don't move a muscle and don't say a word and maybe I'll give you a rest," she said as she rubbed my wet leotard. I couldn't believe it but it actually started to have an effect on me. I could feel my penis start to twitch, again.

I started to do the normal thing and move my crotch against her rubbing but then she reminded me I had better lay still. I tried to be still but that was a difficult thing to ask a man to do when a woman was rubbing his penis. She moved her hand further down between my legs and I felt something give. She had unsnapped the crotch of the leotard. I hadn't even noticed it had a snap crotch. Without the leotard, holding me in I thought my penis was going to poke a hole trying to get through the wet tights. But before I knew it, she had pulled the tights down to my knees. My penis was finally free. She ran her hand up and down my shaft which still felt sticky but that didn't seem to bother her. However, I did know if she didn't stop it soon she would have another mess on her hands, literally.

She stopped just in the nick of time. I felt her shift her weight and then I was slowly sliding inside her. I was in as far as I could go; all her weight was resting on my body. Ann rocked back and forth gently against my penis not really moving in and out but just against it. God it had been a long time since we had made love like this. I wondered if this is what it was supposed to be like all the time, without being tied up. Now she was moving up and down my penis still pressing against it. I just wish I could have seen her riding me like she was. I could tell she was ready to cum and so was I. She was like a machine moving her body up and down my penis faster and faster until she came. I forgot what she said about not moving and thrust my penis as hard as I could inside her as I shot my sperm inside her. I could feel both our juices running down my shaft. She collapsed on top of me. I could feel her breast against my chest. Her breathing becoming more normal the longer she laid there. I was still inside her and I could feel myself getting soft and eventually sliding out of her. "Can't keep it up forever, can you?" she laughed as she got off me.

She pulled the tights back up to my waist and pulled the leotard back down and stuck my penis back between my legs and snapped the leotard crotch back together like she was slamming the cell door on me again. I was so wet from both of our juices but it just added to my already saturated crotch. I felt her get off the bed and turn the shower on. I still didn't know what time it was and I guess she wasn't going to tell me, either.

I heard Ann get out of the shower. Then she told me to stand up. It took me a second or two but I finally made it up. I thought I heard her pulling the sheets and cover down on the bed. "It's bedtime now, get back in bed and be quiet, I'm tired," she said. It was hard to talk with the hose still wrapped around my mouth but I managed to tell her that I had to use the bathroom. She mumbled something I couldn't understand and got out of bed. She pulled me to the bathroom, unsnapped the crotch again, and told me to hurry up. Unless you've tried it's very difficult to sit down on something if your hands are tied behind you and you can't see it. And I had to sit down to pee. Somehow, I made it. Boy I really had to go, too.

Ann pulled me back out of the bathroom when I had finished and snapped me back in my leotard and threw me down on the bed. I kept waiting for her to untie me but she never did. And she never said anything else to me the entire night. Actually, I slept good after all the sex we had during the evening. I guess it had to be somewhere around midnight when she finally let me go to sleep. Thank goodness tomorrow was Saturday. Maybe if she let me I could resume somewhat of my normal life.

I think I woke up first. I was so stiff and sore. My tights and leotard had dried but it felt kind of hard and crusty. I laid there wondering if she was awake or asleep. I hoped she would let me go this morning. Last night had been the most exciting time I can remember but now all I wanted was to be clean. I felt the bed move so she must be waking up. It sounded like she was stretching so maybe it wouldn't be much longer. I was right.

She got out of bed. I heard her open her dresser drawer and walk back to the bed. She started pulling the pantyhose from my mouth and finally my eyes. It was hard for my eyes to focus at first but when they did, I saw she had the same thing on she had the night before. And she looked just as good now as she had then. She sat down next to me on the bed and told me not to say a word until she told me to. "Our game isn't over yet," she said. "I'm going to untie you and when I do you are to take a shower with the tights and leotard still on and don't take them off until they are clean. Make sure you're clean too," she said laughing. Then make sure you come right back and sit on the bed and wait on me.

It took me awhile but I got the tights and leotard clean and rinsed out. I took my time getting myself clean, though. It felt so good to feel clean. I dried off and walked out of the bathroom and sat down on the bed as Ann had told me to do. I had forgotten to hang the tights and leotard over the shower curtain rod so the could dry so I went back in the bathroom and did that. Just as I was doing that Miss Ann appeared at the bathroom door. "You just can't do what I say can you, and your still playing with your little outfit. I told you to sit on the bed when you finished, didn't I?" That tone of voice she was using told me we weren't through with our game, yet.

"Go sit on the bed," she said as she grabbed my arm and guided me to the bed. She started talking about what sort of punishment to give me. All I could do was sit there. She finally thought of something. She went to the dresser and came back with a hand full of clothes. "Put these on first," she handed me a pair of her tightest bikini panties. "Now slip these over your beautiful legs," she said as she handed me a pair of shiny black pantyhose. "And don't run them, they're one of my favorite pair." I'd never put pantyhose on before, well except in some of my fantasies so I went as slow as I could. Before I could stand and pull the hose all the way up she stopped me and gave me a black bra to put on. She had to help me with that I had no idea how to put it on. Then she put some more pantyhose in each cup of the bra. Now it looked like I had some rather small breast. She went to the closet and pulled out an overlarge T-shirt and told me to put it on.

I stood up to put it on and finished pulling the pantyhose up. I looked at myself in the mirror. I have to admit if I had longer hair and shaved my legs I wouldn't make a bad looking women. Geez, I couldn't believe was I was thinking. I was starting to like this dress up more than I should. But the pantyhose turned me on the most. They felt so soft against my skin and with me tucked into Miss Ann's panties, I felt great. The T-shirt made my fake breast look good. Ann ran her hands up and down my legs stopping on my crotch several times. Each time she did, I grew harder. She liked that and so did I.

I had to put a pair of jeans on over the hose she said. So I did. They slipped on so easily over the pantyhose. "Okay, now we're ready to go shopping." I said, "Shopping, I'm not going anywhere like this." "Oh yes you are, you have to do anything I say, remember," she said in that commanding voice that she's been using lately. I looked down at my chest and could see the fake boobs sticking out from my shirt. She looked at them too and for a minute, I thought she was going to change her mind but she didn't. "No one will even notice," she said. She grabbed her purse off the dresser and told me to come along.

I think we went to every store in the mall that morning. The more I walked the more my penis rubbed against the slick panties and the closer I came to really creaming in my jeans. I didn't want to have a big wet spot to call attention to myself. I seemed to have made it through the morning without anyone looking at me more than normal. Finally, we were back in the car headed home. She told me that as soon as we got home I had to take off everything I had on and wear what she had just bought for me at the store.

I took all my clothes off and picked the sack off the bed and pulled out what was in it. It was a one piece black unitard with long sleeves and feet. It felt like it was made of spandex. Nice and shiny. It must have taken me ten minutes to put it on. Ann walked in just as I had finished putting it on. She was wearing one just like I had on. Only she looked so much better in hers. And I told her so. "Well, that little statement just got you off of slave duty tonight," she said. I asked her if we could stay dressed in these. She smiled and nodded her head, okay. "In fact," she said, "we have some more shopping to do tomorrow because this is all you are going to be wearing at home from now on." I told her that was fine with me; I was really starting to like these things. She said, "I know, I can tell." I followed her gaze down to my crotch. Even through the unitard, you could tell I was growing very excited. "Tomorrow night will be a different story," she said, as she shot me the scariest smile I had ever seen. "You're going to have a new friend."

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