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September 1999


"REAL" Estate

I was away Saturday and had just came home Sunday evening. The telephone was ringing and I answered it. It was a woman calling about the house I have for rent she ask is it still available I said yes it is. She said her name was G I said my name is P. So we talked a bit about the house, then she said she would stop and look at it after work one day that week I said OK call me back if you like it and are interested, she said OK I will.Then we started talking about how her and her husband were in the process of a divorce I could see right away we had a lot incommon, she was laughing a lot enjoying our conversation the same as I was.So it had been about 6 days then I came home I seen on the caller ID, her number she called again but, did not leave a message.I called her back we started to talk again 1 hour had went by so fast it was unreal we were having a blast, then she heard a beep it was another call coming in on her line she asked can I call you back I said sure. About 20 minutes went by then she called again she ask do you know anything about dishwashers I said baby let me tell you there is not much I can not do. How can I help you, she asked if I could come and work on hers I said yes I could do that but, I do not think that is what you really want she said is it that obvious? I said yes it is I think you just want me to come over to your house,she said would you I said yes give me directions and IT will be there she said great!! To my surprise she just lived about 15 miles from me,  So I drove to her house and it was dark so she told me to watch for the outside lighting along the walk outside. Lights were on so I pulled across a bridge and into the driveway.  I parked my truck and got out and walked to the sliding glass door on the side of the house.. I could see a figure of a woman walking to the door, I thought wow!  Hope that is her.  It was a woman 5 ft. tall 130 lb. blonde hair. She opened the door I said  G?  She yes, she asked  P?  I said yes.   She asked me to come on in.  I went in, there stood a woman  dresses in nothing but a night shirt she looked so great.  All I could say was wow!  I asked her to turn around for me .  She said why?  I said I want to see your ass! She said OK, I said wow!  She looked at me and said wow!  I spread my arms wide and said come here this is the hardest part,  the first kiss.  We fell into each others arms kissing wildly.  We then stopped and talked for a bit then starting kissing again.  There was a pool table in the room I had entered it had a cover over it,  during our conversation on the phone we talked about how the table was never used.  Her husband was to lazy to play anything including pool.  So I picked her up while still kissing and set her on top of the pool table .  I starting unbuttoning her nightshirt then began to kissing her tits and sucking her nipples.  She was really going wild enjoying every minute no one had ever spent so much time on foreplay with her.  I went a little further down and removed her panties.  And wow! What a beautiful ass.  She had a body like a 20 year old.  She said she was 47 years old and I was 37 years old.  I was amazed.  So I began to lick her clit, it tasted so good and sweet all she could do was beg for more. She started to cum time after time.  She would scream each time she had an orgasm, god you are great I never had anyone so good.So I finished undressing her. Now she was completely nude wow!!! I said hit me. She said why? I said I must be dreaming. She then took my hand and lead me to the bedroom where there was a waterbed. she laid down and pulled me down on the bed. I started to suck her nipples and bit on them easy like, she really loved that so much. I slid my now rock hard cock in her wet pussy in and out slowly at first getting harder with every stroke. She started to cum again bucking wildly each time.Then she ask me? Can I get on top I said sure baby so she got on top of me. She slid my cock inside of her and started going wild up and down back and forward then she had one of the most intense orgasm I had ever seen, I thought she was going to passout. Then I started to thrust from my back she kept having orgasms I thought this is great. She ask me to cum she could not take anymore I started thrusting hard and said OK baby here it comes it was so intense I shot a load in her like no other.Then she fell forward and said I can not walk I laughed and said it was very good. she said it was the best sex she had ever had I said me too. She said she had only had a orgasm about 8 times her whole life. We still see each other about 2 or 3 times a week it is still the best sex either of us have ever had. Life is good smiling.