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Sex Stories - I love the autoscrolling - thousands of sex stories, chat, audio / video stuff, a great site!
Pornstories - This is the original and premier sex stories site - more than 15,000 sex stories!
Taboo Stories - Where nothing is left out - up to 15,000 hot sex stories, live feeds, games - a great value!
1819 Erotic stories - About 100 sex stories, different subjects, updated recently
1 hot night - Some really steamy hot sex stories on this site, slut wives and lesbians...
99 erotic stories - The sex stories aren't sorted, but they sure do have 99 of them!
69 sex stories - A newer site, with some original sex stories
AAA stories - claiming to have some of the best sex stories around.
32aa sex stories - Hot teen sex stories and much more...
Incest stories - The alternative family gathering....
Annejet - a nice sex stories site with all the trimmings
Erotic stories by Tist - Mr. Tist bring us a selection of sex stories
Kinky sex stories - Spanking, masters and slaves, bondage, leather, whips... you know - KINKY SEX!
Porntales - One of the original sex stories sites - still smokin'!
The Story Site - "THE" sex story site - one of the nicest looking sex stories sites on the net
Sexyletters - Reader submitted sex stories - very hot, very candid - a new issue each month
Sexy Text - A smaller list of hot sex stories
Filthy sex Stories - What can we say?  Smaller site, but the sex stories are FILTHY!
Erotic Story Org - this is a nice sex stories site, with good stories and a novel layout.
Teen Sex stories - These are all erotic stories featuring teen participants.  All sort of wild things!
Slutty Wives - A bunch of stories about cheating wives (and a few cheatin husbands) as well as wife sharing, watching, peeping, etc.  Very hot!
Lesbian Sex Stories - A smaller collection, but some really hot girl on girl sex stories.  
Gay Sex - Men on men sex - Some very hardcore stuff here!
Kinky Sex Stories - A little tied up?    Perhaps  you need some correction?  A spanking?   this is the place!
Incest Sex Stories - Fathers and their daughters, wives and their sons, gandfathers and the kids... Fun that's all in the family!
Wild Sex Stories - Here are some fun one off encounters, unexpected group sex stories, some real oddball adventures.
Group Sex Stories - threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes.  If there are more than a couple, it's here in group sex stories.