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September 99

Welcome to Sexyletters - Sept 1999!

Well, the summer has been and gone, the kids are back to school (finally), and the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer.   Time to keep warm with some really hot stories!

First off this month, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all of the people who submit stories.   It is impressive to read about all of your adventures, there are really some kinky ones out there!  Your submissions are what make this whole site run, so keep up the good work!  If you want to contribute to Sexyletters, CLICK HERE and we will tell you all about it.  

A few new adult sites to tell you about this month (proof that I don't spend all of my time working, I guess).   First off is HOT LESBIAN MOVIES.  This is one of a new series of sites dedicated to bringing you the hottest top quality videos direct to your PC.  One monthly price gets you access to a ton of hot girl on girl video.  It's a really nice looking site, and judging by what I can tell, people really seem to want to be members and seem to stay members... so I think they are enjoying it! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT HOT LESBIAN MOVIES FOR YOURSELF!

For sex stories, there are a couple of  big sites:   PORNSTORIES is the original, with a huge number of stories, video feeds, audio stories, and a bunch more.  TABOO STORIES is similar, with a leaning towards the hot and the unusual.   Both of these sites are run by a personal friend of mine, I have known him for years, and he has great story sites with the hot stuff you really like.  There are plenty of free story places out there, but none of them come close to the true experience of a membership site that caters to and is deidcated to erotic stories fans like you and me!

At Sexyletters, we only have sponsors we know and trust.  These sites are all run by people I know personally, and I have checked the sites out myself (I have a tough job!).  These are quality adult sites where you can spend you hard earned dollar and get your money's worth (and more!).    They help support Sexyletters, and we love them for it!

Okay, that's the news - now let's get moving on to the stories for Sexyletters September 99!

- Monica, Editor Sexyletters



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