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September, 1999



It was Friday morning and the phone rang once, twice, three and four times... Then I heard the message "You’ve reached 555-5437, we can’t come to the phone right now but if you leave a message after the tone we’ll return your call as soon as possible..." It was recorded by our neighbor, Bart. I thought to myself that I detested working here on the west coast and my wife and daughter still living back home in New York. Beth didn’t like the phone message to be in her voice because anyone calling may think that she was a single woman living alone... Not that they could have gotten any info that easily on us, because our number was unlisted... But when I told her about several new Internet services that for a small fee, would give anyone information on anyone else, even addresses and numbers of people with unlisted numbers, she was taking every precaution that she could think of. I was out of town on a 2 year work contract and wanted the best in protection for her and my daughter. We had a home security system installed, I made her keep her revolver in the dresser by the bed at night while she slept alone, you know the usual I guess...

So here I was in California, and it looked like I wasn’t going to get home for the weekend for at least a month. Then luckily when Ray offered to take over some weekend tasks relating to my work, leaving me free to fly home for a couple of days and surprise Beth that Friday evening, I jumped at the opportunity.

I arrived at the Buffalo airport at just about 5:30pm. Since I had my car in long term storage there, and it would just mean that I would have to arrange another term with the airport garage if I checked my car out for the weekend, I decided to take a company car ride home from the airport.

Rush hour was about as bad as I had seen it in recent years and it took over 2 hours to get home. At least I was using the limo service that my company paid for, so I was comfortable, which based on the pace of the last couple of months was consoling. It was dusk as the car pulled up in front of the house. My driver quietly drove off. Usually at this point, my 11 year old daughter would come running out yelling "Daddy !!". But the house was quiet. The kitchen light was on and I could see that our bedroom lights were on as well. It made me feel good that when I walked up the back stairs, the doors were locked tight and the outside lights were on. I always tried to get Beth to do that and being so used to having me out of town for extended periods, I think it made her feel more secure.

As I was putting the key into the lock, I noticed that the alarm system was enabled and that meant that I either had to creep back down the stairs and enter through the front door so I could deactivate the alarm, or knock on the back door. I chose to knock since it had been a really long day. I knocked quietly at first.... No response. Again.... Nothing. Then I spoke out and soon Beth came out of the bedroom with a startled look as she was tying the belt of her robe around her waist. She looked at me and then shrieked "Rex!!" She ran as fast as she could to the front door and entered the pass code on the keypad. Then she ran back and unlocked the back door. She opened it, and as I opened the storm door she jumped up, locked her arms around my neck and her kegs around her waist. We kissed like it was when we first met. I asked her where my daughter was and she told me to never mind that, she was having a sleep over at the neighbor’s house. I had surprised her before and she never reacted like this... "Hmmm," I thought to myself... "I wonder what’s up?" Was I in for a surprise...

As we walked from the back (our bedroom is at the back left off the hall), we stopped in the kitchen. It had been a long ride home and I was thirsty. I noticed 2 empty bottles of champagne in the garbage and the corks and wires were on the counter next to the sink as if they’d just been opened that night. I looked at Beth and she got this intense and very sensual grin on her face. She asked me to open another bottle and come to the bedroom, she would help me get undressed and we’d shower together... Which is something that I had missed for over a month.

As I popped the bottle open and got glasses, she said that she already had a glass and to just bring mine and the bottle with us to the bedroom. As we headed to our room, we turned down the hall and I could hear her snickering. She then whispered to me that coming home un-announced, I had caught her making a surprise for me. We turned the corner to walk through the bedroom door and there lay her two best friends, Penny and Nancy. All of my video editing equipment was out and set up. It wasn’t unusual for the three of them to be together, these women were at my house more than I was, what with me working on the left coast for so long. The thing that hit me like a ton of bricks was that these two birds were stark fucking naked, lying back on our bed, legs crossed and watching what turned out to be the amateur video that the three of them had been in the process of making for the last week. These gals had been getting together every night that week after they had put their kids to bed. Penny had her husband watch their kids and Nancy usually brought over her daughter to spend the night with our daughter, which were in the same class at school. Since this was Friday, there were no kids at all in the house. Beth had arranged with our neighbor, Cris to watch our daughter and the others had their bases covered as well. It seemed that I had walked right in on Beth and her best girlfriends at work (or play, rather) on their XXX adult video. This wasn’t just a pastime. Over the course of the last month, these three horny and obviously very creative and clever women had their own smut factory set up right there in my bedroom. You should have SEEN what they were watching. It had obviously been recorded another night that week because the "actors" on the screen were all worked up. I mean in this movie, my wife and her two friends were worked up into a LATHER. Sucking, kissing and fucking one another to no end. This was a mind blower to say the least and after I picked my jaw up off the floor, I kissed everyone hello, filled their glasses and kicked off my shoes. Then I sunk into the bedroom recliner and watched this scene that they were editing.

Just before I arrived, Beth had apparently been naked too because she peeled off her robe and jumped up on the bed in between the other two. They all toasted each other’s bravado and expertise, interjecting the occasional lewd comment about one another’s bodies and laughing. As we sat around and they chatted and giggled like school girls, I began to watch this video segment a little closer. I noticed right away that when the three of them were on camera that the camera was still moving about throughout the scene, which meant only one thing. Who was the camera person ? As soon as Beth recognized that I had gotten this clue, (we have been together so long that she knows what I am thinking and will say what I would start to say before I could articulate it myself) she said that they had asked Penny’s husband Doug over to help out the night before. I had sort of guessed it had been him because Penny and Doug had come with us to our vacation property the last two Christmases and stayed over the holidays the entire time. We all partied together, fucked in every combination imaginable and slept in the same king sized bed we have up there, so this was no problem. Beth knew that so there was no animosity between us. I was just relieved when they told me it had been Doug and not some guy that I didn’t know.

Although I knew deep down that she wouldn’t do things that way, I must admit that that thought crossed my mind. A lot goes through your head when you’re working 3,000 miles away from home for extended periods. But bottom line, it was healthy for our marriage that we saw each other only once in awhile. It made me coming home so special.

Anyway, Beth then gave me this "look" and suggested I go take a shower, that if I didn’t mind she’d stay out with the girls and finish up the production that these three sex crazed maniac bitches had started the Monday prior. It would be ready for it’s first premier shortly after I got out of the shower and re-joined them in the bedroom. I walked into my closet and got my favorite silk robe and headed for the shower in the guest bathroom. Beth interjected one more time and asked me to use our bathroom which was off our bedroom instead, and at this point I was both exhausted and excited beyond belief. It was an insatiable, and intoxicating sensation. Quite good...

As I opened the bathroom door and walked in, I saw that our new Sony DX series digital video camera and a recording unit were set up and a bubble bath had been drawn. Leaving the bathroom door open, I walked over to the tub and felt the water temperature. It was still really warm, so I surmised that they had planned on filming a scene in here to conclude their production before I came home and busted them (or as Beth later redefined the moment: "ruined their surprise for me"). I soon found I was right. I stripped off my clothes and was quick to get into the water. I was right... As soon as they heard my sigh as I laid back to rest in the steaming bubbles, I heard them shut off the monitor units in the bedroom, then three sets of bare feet come bouncing into the room where I lay with a hard-on that was barely concealed through the six-or-so inches of bubbles. (I’m not bragging, I’m just a rather big guy) They said that they were asking if Beth would mind getting into the tub with me and the two of them would shoot a sequence of just the two of us in a nice romantic bath, then with Nancy operating the camera, Penny would join us. We would all play awhile, then Nancy would position the camera on the tripod in a stationary position and join us too...

Needless to say the four of us ate, fucked and sucked each other for the camera there in our whirlpool bathtub for two. It made for tight company, and after watching the final cut of the movie, it made for great viewing as well.

The movie had no plot. It started out with Beth, in just her bra and panties answering the door. The two girls came over to ask if she’d like to make an adult film. For a little camp humor, their script (as it was) called out for Beth to say no at first, then the girls all got rather stoned and then as that first evening progressed the no turned into maybe, and so-on. So

what they had actually done was this sort of screenplay writers abstract of their real needs to be affectionate with each other, revealing their deepest secrets and fantasies involving their sex lives, and putting it in a documentary format. It had narration by all three, and camera work by Penny’s old man too. It continued with me coming home and the reactions of Penny and Nancy in the bedroom alone before Beth walked me back there. It ended with the last scene that I participated in. After the film viewing had ended, after the drinks were all empty, and the sexy guest participants showered for the last time that evening, Penny and Nancy found their clothes and keys and headed home. Beth and I gave the place the once over and put all the video equipment away and were both almost totally exhausted. It was that kind of anticipation when you KNOW you’ll sleep well that night. Sort of warm and fuzzy, I guess. I felt good, relaxed and very much loved by my beautiful wife.

All I could say to myself as I dozed off to sleep that night was how lucky I was to have such a generous and adventurous woman as Beth. I reveled in the fact that most people have so-so love lives and Beth’s and mine was better than good, it was fucking GREAT... This trip home created a memory that will stay in front of everything else in my mind and heart for a good long time.

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