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February, 1999


After a few minutes of this, GB pushed my head away and told me to lay on my back again.  This time he did as I wanted earlier, and poised himself to enter me.  In one thrust, he pushed his cock fully into my young cunt, causing me to yelp in pain.  Intent on fucking me hard and deep, he ignored my cry and continued to ram his rock hard pole into me. 

Soon the pain turned to pleasure, and I began rocking beneath him as my orgasm grew.  He was hovered over me, watching my face as he fucked me.  And at the moment he began to cum, I opened my eyes and watched his handsome face contort as his balls shot their hot juice as deeply inside me as possible.  I could feel his cock throbbing inside me and I squeeze it with my cunt.  He groaned loudly, telling me how good my pussy felt.  Moments later he collapsed on top of me, his now soft cock still buried in my cunt.  We lay there letting our breath come back to us, kissing and stroking each other….

My Young Wife Becomes A Whore

At the time we got married I was doing custom harvesting that required that I work very long hours. Many days I would leave before 5 o’clock and be gone for up to five days before getting the chance to come home again. Not knowing when I would be home began to bother Nancy because she was lonely she wanted to be able to go out and do something for fun. It seemed that I was always gone to work or was home sleeping trying to rest up from the long hours that were required in harvesting.

We had only been married about a month when Nancy became so bored she wanted to go out. One of her girlfriends had invited her to go with her to a Mexican dance in Independence on Saturday night. Nancy asked if it would be ok with me if she went to the dance. I told her that if she really wanted to go she should go ahead and go. I tried to explain that if she enjoyed dancing and wanted to go to the dance that it would be ok. I told her that I wanted her to have fun but that I wanted to know where she went and what she did.

On October 20, 1962, I was still out running a harvester when Nancy got all dressed up and went out with her girlfriend to the Mexican dance in Independence. This was the first time that she had ever been out by herself. Before we had gotten married she had always gone to the dances but her parents or other relatives were always there to chaperone her and see that no one tried anything with her or her sisters.

I finally came home at 4 o’clock AM October 21, 1962. When I walked into our apartment I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw Nancy sitting on the couch and asked her why she was up so late and if she had enjoyed herself at the dance. As she stammered and slurred her words when she answered me I realized that my gorgeous young wife was absolutely smashed. This was the first time that she had had anything to drink and she had managed to get very very drunk.

As I walked over to where she was sitting on the couch I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her blouse was up around her neck completely exposing her breasts. Her nipples were red and raw looking although they were very hard and extended. Her skirt was bunched up to her waist and she wasn’t wearing any panties. When I got over to her I also noticed that her makeup was all smeared and her hair was a complete mess. She was sitting on the couch with her legs spread and it was very easy to see the globs of sperm dribbling from her wide-open cunt.


  Nancy said she was having fun dancing with lots of different men at the dance. After awhile some of the men that she was dancing with began to bring her drinks. She had never had anything to drink before and being very na´ve she drank them and didn’t notice that they were doing anything to her. By the time the dance was over she was a very drunk young woman When Nancy’s girlfriend came by she was with a man and wanted to know if Nancy could find someone to take her home because she wanted to go out with this man. . One of the men she had danced quite a bit with offered to take her home because he told her he would be going right by our apartment on his way home. When she agreed to let him take her home he and his friends had to help her out to the car because the drinks they had been giving her had really started to take affect and Nancy had become very very drunk. She was so drunk she couldn’t even stand up and walk by herself. They helped Nancy into the back seat of the car. The young man who offered to take her home climbed into the back seat and his three friends climbed into the front seat. They left and dance and headed for the apartment to take Nancy home. Being very drunk Nancy didn’t offer any resistance when the man sitting with her started to kiss and neck with her. Nancy didn’t realize what was happening but being drunk she quickly began to respond as he kissed her and played with her breasts. She didn’t even object when he pulled her blouse up and slowly removed her bra, letting her beautiful tits free in front of a strange man for the first time. As he continued to neck with her he gradually worked his hand up under her skirt and started rubbing her pussy. She became very excited and slightly spread her legs as he slid his finger inside of her panties and began to finger her wet pussy. As she continued to drunkenly respond he began to pull her panties off. She even raised her hips up to help him as she let him completely bare her tight young pussy.

Nancy said that she was lying back in the seat very drunk and feeling warm all over as he necked and played with her. She was very na´ve and didn’t realize that he was planning on going any farther until she suddenly felt his hard cock slip between the lips of her wet pussy. In one savage thrust slide he was completely up inside of her. She wanted him to stop but was so drunk and turned on that she really didn’t want him to stop. Even though she said she didn’t really want to, she began to respond and actually had an orgasm just shortly before he shot the first load of sperm into her pussy that she had ever had except for what she had received from me. After this man had fucked her he offered her another drink. Being ashamed for letting him have her she took the drink and quickly gulped it down thinking that it would help her feel better. This only helped compound the problem as she continued to get even drunker. She was now so drunk that she could see and feel the things they were doing to her but couldn’t even move to stop them. The driver of the car stopped and the man who had just finished fucking her climbed into the front seat and one of the other men in front climbed into the back with Nancy. He was already turned on after seeing her let his friend fuck her so with no preliminaries he took out his hard cock and quickly rammed it into her slippery used pussy. He only lasted a few minutes before he shot his load of sperm deep inside her flat young belly.

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