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February, 1999


He started coming around after I met him through friends.  He and I lived within a couple blocks of each other, and soon after meeting him I became a regular stop before going home.  Often when he would come
there would be a friend or two over as well, so we rarely were alone together.  But one lucky night he stopped over late one week night - after the dinner hour when most of my friends were at home - and I
found myself alone with this handsome man who had befriended me.  I was a bit uneasy around him because I found him so attractive, but because he was so relaxed around me I eventually relaxed as well.  As
we talked and watched t.v., we smoked a joint and sipped a couple beers…and to make it easier for passing the joint, he moved next to me on the couch. 

At one point GB reached over to put the half-smoked
joint in the ashtray, and when pulling his arm back to resume his sitting position, he reached up and turned my face to his and kissed me.  I was caught so by surprise that my only reaction was to let it happen, and as his tongue push it’s way past my lips and teeth into my mouth, I could feel my heart start to beat faster.  I put my hand up to his shoulder and returned his kiss, gliding my tongue around his and gently sucking on it.  This seemed to excite him as he groaned and pushed his tongue deeper into my mouth.  The kiss was long and passionate, and I knew that it would lead to other passionate things…

Just then the phone rang.  I pushed him away and jumped up to answer it.  As I talked with the person on the phone (a mutual friend of mine and GB’s), I felt him come up behind me and put his hands on my hips. Gripping me firmly, he pulled me back against him, pressing his hard cock into the cheek of my ass.  I felt myself go weak and heard my voice falter as I told my caller I needed to go.  By the time I’d hung up the phone, GB had managed to get his hand under my shirt and was fondling my big tits.  My nipples were hard and when he pinched each of them I felt them grow even harder.  With his cock grinding into my ass and his hands caressing my tits, I found myself getting weaker and weaker. 

Turning me around, he kissed me again - this time only briefly.  Taking my hand he led me to the living room and pulled me down on to the floor with him.  He pushed my legs apart with his and lay on top of me, immediately grinding his cock against my pussy through our clothes.  As he did this, he kissed me all over my face and neck, stopping at one point to roughly suck my neck, biting just enough to hurt.  I gulped and pushed his head away; he looked down at me, smiling wickedly, then kissed me again as he continued to grind his cock against me.  I moaned, loving the way his cock felt - I could tell he was very hard and I was anxious to have him inside me.  But that was still to come…After breaking our kiss, GB lifted himself off
of me and knelt between my legs.  He helped himself to unzipping my pants, then slid them down over my hips and off me completely.  I was very shy about my body and with all the lights on I began to feel self-conscious - I asked him if we could turn off the lights, but he said no - he wanted to look at me.  He then proceeded to unbutton my shirt, telling me to sit up so he could also take off my bra.  I did as he said, though hesitantly, then watched as he stood and took his clothes off.  I must have had a surprised look on my face because when he looked at me he smiled as if he’d just revealed a special secret - and he did!  His cock was only about 7" long but was nice and thick and stood straight out…I’d never seen a man so hard before!  My pussy tingled at the thought of him sliding that beautiful cock into me, and I laid down in eager anticipation. 

GB had other plans, though.  First he resumed his kneeling position between my legs.  As he watched my face, he wrapped his hand round his stiff prick and began to slowly masturbate.  With his other hand he
reached down and began to finger my damp pussy. 



Back in those days, no man had ever really touched my pussy with his hands, so when I felt GB’s fingers massaging my clit and probing my hole, I gasped in surprise.  It felt wonderful, but I was still nervous because he was watching me so intently.  He asked me if  I liked what he was doing and I weakly answered that I did.  He smiled and inserted 2 fingers into me. 

  "Your pussy is nice and tight - I can’t wait to fuck it", he said, almost grunting.  Shocked again at such language, I gasped…almost afraid of what he planned to do to me.  It was then I realized that as he fingered my cunt I was slowly grinding my hips - afraid or not, I was loving what he was doing to me with his hand.  "You want me to fuck you, don’t you?" he asked…I groaned and told him I did, and spread my legs more in anticipation of him guiding his cock into me.  But he wasn’t ready to fuck me yet, and instead of shifting to put his cock inside me, told me to close my eyes, then he shifted to put his mouth on my drenched pussy. 

The moment I felt his mouth on my pussy I sucked in my breath and held it.   I couldn’t believe what he was doing!  I’d heard about it but had never experience it, and as his tongue circled around my clit before finding the opening to my juicy canal I found myself in the midst of tremendous pleasure.  Not sure what to do, I lay there with my legs spread as widely as possible,
with my hand on the back of his head - neither pushing him away or pulling him closer.

  After several minutes of him licking my pussy, he suddenly stopped and moved so that he was sitting next to my head and leaning back on the couch.  He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me to him, without saying a word - he gesture was enough for me to understand - he wanted me to suck his cock now. 

I hesitated, never having done that before and not really wanting to, but gave in to his pushes when he told me I had to do it - that he’d sucked my pussy and now I needed to suck his dick.  So, kneeling at
his side, I bent down and opened my mouth to receive him.  His hand was on the back of my head pushing me down, while his other hand was holding his cock and guiding it toward my open mouth. 

When I felt the smooth warm head of his cock touch my lips, I gently licked it before wrapping my full lips around it.  Unsure of what to do next, I stayed like that waiting for him to give me clues.  The clue he gave me was direct and clear - "open your mouth and suck it".  I obeyed him, more out of fear of disappointing him than of what he would do if I didn’t suck his dick. 

I opened my mouth and prepared to suck as he had instructed me to do, but before I had a chance to try it, he began thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth.  His hand was firmly on the back of my head still, and his other hand he used to support himself as he fucked my virgin mouth.  I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, but I was sure about one thing - I liked how his hard cock felt as it slid in and out past my lips. 

I closed my mouth around his firm shaft - not wanting it to slip out of my mouth in the heat of his passion - and tried to suck as he fucked away.  It was difficult to do, but I must have been doing something right, because he was moaning and talking (to himself?) about how good it felt. 


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