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February, 1999


Right there just a simple arms length away, was the most perfectly shaped bubble-ass that I had ever seen.  At that moment I instantly knew that I wouldn't rest until I found out what that glorious behind felt like firmly
pressed against my groin.  Half afraid of how Carol and Will would react, I cautiously reached out towards Bianca's swaying ass.  Keeping a watchful eye out on both her husband and my wife.  Ready to withdraw my the moment either hesitated, but neither objected.

Feeling her cool, silky-smooth skin beneath my hot and sweaty palm was almost every bit as gratifying as the act of sex itself.  Bianca's behind was so smooth, and perfectly round I simply had investigate further.

Slowly, carefully, moving my hand first down the outside of her thighs and I reached her knees she parted her legs slightly.  Allowing me to slowly bring my hands up her inner-thighs.  Evidentally, my activity was exciting both Bianca and Carol.  Because, Bianca began working against my hand and I couldn't believe how wet she was.  Carol soon appeared in front of me,
standing between Will and myself totally disrobed.

Will immediately pulled Carol to him, and the two shared a very deep as well as probing kiss.  With all of this going on, Bianca soon began to shudder and work feverishly against my hand, which must have been taking it's toll on Will.  After all Bianca was still face first in his crotch, I watched in complete awe as Will first stiffen, then shudder.  He then removed his member from Bianca and lifted my dear sweat little wife into the air.  Then with one smooth, deft move he impaled her on his rock-hard tool.

That was all that Carol needed to begin her first massive wave of orgasm that evening.  The two of them fucked like rabbits in that positions for what seemed like an eternity.  I could believe the speed nor the power at
which Will was ramming my wife with, and she liked it.  I was still fingering Bianca, but watching this was more than my now raging dick could stand.  Pulling down my pants, I finally freed my fully engorged cock, which
immediately sought out it goal.

Pulling Bianca back towards me, I placed the tip of blood-gorged dick right at her labia.  Feeling this, and I guess needing relief, Bianca bucked once and I was all the way up to the hilt in her tight little box.  I had thought that I would be the one doing the work, but let me tell you was I ever wrong.  Bianca backed up to me and began working like nothing I had ever experienced before.  Feeling that beautifully-round ass against my lower-stomach, and her strong smooth legs against mine.  Coupled with the undulating of her slick tight pussy (Bianca very definetly worked out) gripping my dick was more than I could and I knew that I was going to pop soon.


At that moment I heard Carol cry out, and I knew that she was coming.  She rode a wave of orgasms that must have lasted at least a full minute.  I then felt Bianca tighten up, grabbing her around the waste I began to pound her doggy-style for all I was worth.  She then stiffened, I heard a small whimper come from her, and that began her orgasms.  Bianca tightened around
my dick, and for a second I thought she was going cut it off.  Continuing to drive my tool into like a mad man, I too began to come.  With one last inhuman thrust, I shot what must have been a years worth of jism straight up
into her.  Bianca and crumpled into an exhausted, well fucked heap right there.  I looked up in time to see Will lower my wife back to floor, and the sight of seeing his juices mingled with hers excited me more than I had ever

My dick was at full mast immediately, and this time it was my wife that I was seeking.  Will and I quickly traded places.  This time we were all in the missionary position, and with our own respective partners.  But there was something about all of being close enough to feel each other breathing, smelling the scent of each others love-making that made the atmosphere

In one move I was in my wife, and Will in his.  We began rhythmically stroking our partners in time with each other.  Will and I rode our respective wives like two men who would never have sex again, and the wives groaned and begged for more, deeper, harder.  Of which we were only too happy to oblige.

This continued on until three or four in the morning.  With us trading partners, at times all four of chained together in some fashion or another. Will, Bianca, Carol and I have become much closer, and have regular dinner
engagements at one another's home.

Just Sign Me,
Friends Are Forever



When I was 19 I began a relationship with a man who introduced me to a kind of sex that I’m only now beginning to realize is what I most enjoy…At the time, I was a chubby but attractive young woman, with carmel colored skin, hazel eyes, reddish-brown hair, and a set of large breast that had nipples to match - who was sexually active but not very experienced.  I’d had 2 lovers in my young life and neither did anything but kiss, fondle, and fuck.  Though I had enjoyed sex with both of them, I really had no basis for comparison.  That basis came when I met a 26 year old man who I’ll call GB.  GB was a very hot Latino, with carmel skin, curly black hair, deep brown eyes, and a body that was as muscular and well defined.  Why he looked my way, I don’t know, but he did…and I melted. 

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