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May, 1999

She cried out as his tongue slid up between her lips and found her clit. As she came she shoved his cock deeper into her throat. He kept up the pace on her pussy running his tongue in and out of her pussy. I couldn't see to well but his lips and tongue made enough noise to know what he was doing. They both were making loud sucking and slurping noises as they orally service each other. "Oh Trent your tongue feels so good" she cried out as he slipped it back into her pussy. I could see she was humping his face as his tongue slipped in and out of her pussy. I was amazed at how erotic it was to watch my wife in a 69 with him.

I began to wonder if they were ever going to fuck, when she crawled off him and stood up. Lying back down on him they kissed again. As the passionately kissed I heard her tell him how good her pussy tasted. He asked her if she had ever been with another woman. "NO" was her reply "but the first chance I get I want to" she whispered. "Right now I want your cock in me" she said. Reaching down she grasped his cock and rubbed it over her wet pussy, coating it with her juices as it slipped between her lips.

She placed it at the entrance to her pussy and slowly sat back on him. As his cock slipped into her they both gasped out. When it fully entered her ,they sat perfectly still for a minute. His hands began to massage her tits and nipples. Ever so slowly she started to hump up and down on his cock. In the darkness I could see his cock as it pumped in and out of her. Their pace quickly increased and soon she was screaming out how good his cock felt and how big it was. He pulled her to him and took turns sucking on her nipples. Barbara had turned into an animal, she was madly fucking him as she moaned and screamed out. I couldn't wait to slip my cock into her pussy. I knew how wet it would be.

They had been fucking wildly for a few minutes when he stopped her. "On the floor" he told her. She got off and lay down on the floor. She spread apart her legs and squeezed her tits , inviting him to continue. Stroking his cock a few times, he knelt down between her legs and stuck his cock back between her swollen ,wet lips. He then started fucking, sliding his cock in and out of her as she wrapped her legs around his waist, taking him as deep as possible into her pussy. She was close to coming again, "oh Yea fuck me" she kept saying as he slammed into her.

The sounds of their moaning and their body's slapping together was to much for me. I started stroking my cock and quickly came, my cum shooting into my hand. They weren't to far behind. She cried out and came , her mouth buried in his neck trying to muffle her moans. Seconds later he pulled out his cock and stroking it quickly shot large spurts of cum over her breasts and stomach. They ended up their lovemaking by kissing deeply for a few minutes. I snuck back into the bedroom.

She came walking in a minute later , I pretended to be asleep. She pulled back the covers and slipped my soft cock into her mouth. I "woke up" as my cock got hard. I asked her what had happened and she proceeded to tell me word for word what happened. She crawled on top of me and slid my dick into her dripping pussy right as she was telling me about him putting his dick into her. As she described his cock pushing in and out of her pussy I shot my cum deep into her pussy. It was the most powerful orgasm of my life and she kept fucking me until my cock slipped out of her. He was gone by the time I got up. We ended up having sex 3 times that day. Reliving the past nights experience and planning our next time..



It was a Saturday night and I was going to spend the night at my girlfriends house, just like I did most other weekends. She lived with her mom and her older sister Londa. Me and Londa did a lot of flirting. After a few months of sexual remarks back and forth and occasional sneak peaks of her getting out of the shower or bending over and showing cleavage she was about the only thing on my mind when it came to sex. I guess the reason for that is because she was about the only girl that I knew I would never ever get to fuck, and all because she had the same mother and father as my girl. Don't get me wrong I love my girl and would never want to hurt her, but these were feelings that I just couldn't help and besides that her sisters fine as hell.

I got to my girls house around six in the evening, she and her mom were deciding what to get for dinner when I walked in. So I suggested pizza and everyone agreed. Just as I took a seat, Londa came out of the room. She is a small girl about 5'4, 115 pounds with a caramel complexion and a body that looks like it needs to be fucked. She turned to me and said "what's up, why are you always at my house", I looked her up and down and replied "too see you why else would I come over" with a grin on her face she laughed. Then she volunteered to go and get the pizza and I told her I would go with her that way I could get in a little more flirting.