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May, 1999

The Couch

After being married for 12 years , my wife and I were very open and honest with each other. This allowed our sex life to remain exciting and refreshing. We're at the point were nothing is off limits and we both get equally excited hearing each others fantasies. A common subject of ours is her having sex with another man. Every few months she gets some guy on her mind and our sex really perks up. Sometimes its a guy from her work she has been teasing on and off for a couple of years. She has tried a few times to seduced him  when they would go out to lunch together. She would lead him into talking about his sex life and drop subtle and not so subtle hints to him about what she'd like to do with him.

At other times when it was warm she would wear a short skirt or sundress and give him easy shots of her legs and panties. He was married so he would play around, but never go any further than a comment on her body or that he could see her panties. While she understood his feelings and knew it wasn't worth wrecking his life over. This didn't stop her from coming home with her pussy dripping and having me fuck her while she pretended it was him.

Most of the time she fantasized about one or two of our friends who we've know for many years. These guys were perfect for her fantasy both were married so they weren't a threat to "kiss and tell". Also they where happy in their marriages so she didn't have to worry about him falling in love and wanting to leave his wife. Basically they could be toys for her to fuck once in awhile then every one would go back to their lives with no one hurt.

One guy Jake was a friend of ours for many years, he was recently married. He had always shown an interest in Barbara. One night when he and I were out having a beer I told him That if the time was right it was ok for him to sleep with my wife. He seemed unsure how to respond, but did say he was cool with that. I even offered for us to go home and wake her up that night. He asked how? I told him, I would have him sneak up stairs, get undressed and slip into bed with her. Then start making love to her before she woke up.

When she did finally wake up she would know It was ok and she would be so horny she wouldn't stop. Then after a minute I would walk in and join in. He said he wasn't ready yet and maybe later. I later found out that he did want to sleep with her, but alone and not with the three of us. I understood, but again we would get frustrated when we felt a good opportunity was around and something would happen. Again we didn't want this to cause any problems or get anyone in trouble.

By far her favorite was Trent whom we had known for many years. He has been married for a few years to a really beautiful woman. He would often call her at work or at home when I was away and he would tell her about a dream he had with her or that he was thinking about her. He didn't know that she would tell me what was going on. So I figured I wouldn't say anything to him and see what happened. We both knew that if something were to happen it would be with just the two of them. As much as we tried to get them set up , he would never go beyond the "teasing" stage.

We had decided to not pressure him when a perfect situation came up. His wife went out of town for the weekend. He had to stay because of his job. Talk about perfect! She asked me if I minded if she invited him over on Saturday night to have dinner with us and watch a movie. I smiled at her and told her it was a great idea. I was sort of surprised when he accepted her invitation, knowing I would be around. I was sure he just wanted to be around her even if I was there. He got there about 5:00pm  and we had dinner right away.

We then sat down and played some cards. After an hour of drinks and playing we decided to watch a movie. We watched some movie Barbara had chosen. Just as I was wondering why she had picked this movie, my question was answered, when the wife in the movie seduces a friend of her husbands. She had invited him over to talk and finally got him into her spa. Eventually her body was to much for him and when her hands touched his thigh under the water he took her right on the edge of the spa. I could feel her heavy breathing as she watched the movie. I knew what was on her mind, but what about him? I glanced over to him sitting on the couch. I could see the bulge in his shorts , I'm sure so could she!

I pretended to fall asleep on the couch. I wanted to see what she or he might do. Neither one said a word but I would sneak a peak and catch them looking at each other. Finally the movie ended , Barbara "woke" me up and took me to bed. She invited him to stay over on the couch.  After she took me to bed she took him out some blankets and a pillow. I peeked around the corner just in time to see her give him a hug good night. He thanked her for having him over and kissed her on the lips lightly. She looked at him and suddenly they began kissing deeply , their tongues going in and out of each others mouths. She had finally gotten to him and he had responded, But how far? He broke the kiss after a minute. He told her he wasn't sure. She told him I was passed out so not to worry about me He said he badly wanted to but wasafraid of me catching them. She told him o.k. and walked back to the room.

I was laying on the bed when she walked back in. Smiling at her I asked her if she had fun? She pouted and said he wouldn't go further. reaching over I slid my hand up her dress to her crotch. I was amazed how hot and wet her pussy was. I slipped a finger under her panties and it was soaked by her juices. she moaned out as the finger eased into her slippery ,wet pussy. I whispered to her " you wanted him to fuck you didn't you?" a deep moan was my reply. "what else did you want?" I asked her. She moaned out "I wanted to put his cock in my mouth and suck him" she leaned over and we started to kiss as I continued to play with her pussy.

Finally I stopped kissing her "Go out there !". She looked at me and said "now?". "Yes, now. dress up and go play" She thought abut it for a second then asked what she should wear. I told her to wear her blue sundress, white silk panties and bra and her white stockings that held themselves up on her thighs. She knew it was both our favorite outfit so she hopped off the bed and got dressed. My head was spinning , this was really going to happen. My cock was throbbing it was so hard. I was going to watch my wife as she fucked another man.

She didn't say a word to me as she checked herself out in the mirror then smiled and walked out to the living room. Just after she left I snuck out to watch. I stood at the edge of the room and watched her. She walked slowly over to him as he lay on the couch. she stopped a few steps from the couch and watch him as he slept. I was thinking she wasn't going to go thru with it, when he sensed her there and woke up. "What's up?" he whisper- ed to her. Not saying a word she slowly slid up her skirt revealing her white stockings and panties. He moaned out "oh baby, your so sexy", " I've waited for you for so long". He placed a hand on her leg and slowly slid it up the inside of her thigh. As his hand reached her wet crotch she gasped out " Yes, touch me there".

Slowly he rubbed her pussy and she started moaning softly as his hand caressed her sensitive crotch. I watched as he then worked a finger under her panties and slipped it slowly into her pussy. "Ohhh yea baby ,that feels so good" Barbara moaned out as his finger slipped in and out of her. I was so horny as I watched my wife getting finger fuck by him. she was so hot as she squirmed and pushed her pussy to met his finger. Leaning over she pulled back the blanket covering him. I could see his hard cock as it strained against the material of his underwear. Barbara placed her hand on his cock and softly rubbed it. He moaned out as her hand moved all over his hard cock. She moaned out to him how good his cock felt. Not wasting time she grabbed the elastic of his underwear and slowly eased them down, releasing his cock. It sprang out as his underwear come off, Sticking up towards Barbara.

She very gently wrapped her hand around it and softly stroked it. All he could so was moan out as she stroked his cock up and down. As he continued to play with her pussy she leaned over and took his cock into her mouth. I was amazed that he hadn't cum yet. She was being so slow and gentle with his cock, very deliberate with her moves. I had never seen her so sexy, so erotic. "That's it " he moaned "suck my cock" as she slid his dick in and out of her mouth. As she sucked him , he slipped down her panties and she stepped out of them. He pulled her over to him and taking his cue she straddled his face and lowered her wet pussy to his waiting tongue.