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May, 1999

Welcome to Sexyletters - May, 1999

Spring (and summer) are here!   A fabulous time to get some sun (not too much, sunburn is {bad}), to spend some time with your family, and apparently, time to send Me your hot stories.

I have received more stories than even in the last month, and many more of them are actually legal :-) - and as a result, I keep getting bogged down in my work.  Well, actually, I get panties down and fingers playing, but you know what I mean.

On the sex stories front, I want to point out that there are now really THREE super sites for stories now on the net.  PORNSTORIES is the original, with a huge number of stories, video feeds, audio stories, and a bunch more.  TABOO STORIES is similar, with a leaning towards the hot and the unusual.  Finally, the SEX STORIES super site is now open, with a pile of stories, videos, and all sorts of fun stuff.  Each of these sites are run by people I know and trust, and I recommend them as "Worth the money".


The submissions in the last 30 days have been HOT.  I love hearing about your personal experiences, your fantasies, and your desires.   It was hard to pick a winner this month, but our $50 prize winner really earned it!   Check out our feature story to find out if you are the winner!

The winner has until June 30th to contact us to claim him or her prize, please use the same e-mail you used to submit the story!  More importantly, your story has been added to the year end "extravaganza" where you could win more cash!

If you want to contribute to Sexyletters, CLICK HERE and we will tell you all about it.  Make sure you sign up for ADULTMAIL, so that you can be eligible to win the monthly prize - and get writing!  Your contributions make this newsletter go!  Your name will not be published (unless you ask!)

Sit back, relax, and enjoy - Sexyletters for the month of may starts now!

- Monica, Editor Sexyletters



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