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May, 1999

THE GAME by Andrew B

This happened only a week ago, and it was as much a surprise to my girlfriend as it was to me. My girlfriend, Claudia, is a modern dancer and a very beautiful woman, with an athletic build, soft pale skin, and lovely round breasts that are just the right size.

We were having a few glasses of wine together one evening after watching the sun drop behind the horizen, when the silence was broken by a group of four men playing with a football about a twenty meters down the beach. Every now and again they would stop, drink some bears, then play on. They were all big guys, and we could tell by their accents they were American College boys. Claudia was very cynical of them, not her type of people, she said.

Anyhow, half an hour on, 2 of them approached us, offered us beers, and told us that they were backpacking in Oz. As we spoke, Claudia warmed to them slightly, probably because she likes to be looked at and i could see them eyeing her body, for she was still only wearing her skimpy bikini in the humid evening. Pretty soon the others came over, we chatted then they played some more. At one point Claudia and i even joined in, the drinking was definately kicking in, and the guys got a huge kick out of watching Claudia's lithe body running and bouncing, and i knew she liked the attention.

When they tackled her, it was gentle, but they made a point of throwing her down and falling all over her! It was then i was first aroused, seeing my girl, basically naked, being jostled and pushed by the bodies of 4 guys, only wearing shorts, who's names we still didnt know. After they got off her, she stood up and i could see she was flushed.

"You ok?" i asked.

"Fine, fine." I could see she had enjoyed it, but was a little confused, as she did not really like the guys.

"We can go soon" i said.

"Yes, soon."

Well, less than a minute later, she went down under us all again, but i got off, the others were slower, and i knew they were enjoying the feel of her against their skin.Then her bikini top flew out of the group of bodies, and i heard her shout "hey!"

I think i went instantly hard, and i squatted down so as to see what was happening. The first thing i saw through the tangled bodies was Claudia's breasts get squashed against a guys chest who had moved beneath her. Then as she pulled back from him, i saw three different hands move over her gorgeous tits, squeezing and pinching. Then i lost sight of her. Slowly they all stood up, Claudia last, standing exposed in only bikini bottoms, in the middle of a ring of strangers. Her flesh looked slightly blushed, and her nipples were rock hard.

The guys all laughed and looked at her.

"Fark, how did that happen?" one said, gazing at her tits.

"Your fucking beautiful!" another said.

"I enjoyed that" said the guy who had been under her.

Claudia looked around, obviously shocked, at the men admiring her body. She posed for a few moments, then turned to look for her top, saying, "it did feel kinda good" with a cheaky smile.

"She liked it!!! Again!!" one shouted.

They didnt hesitate, and ignoring Claudia's protests, they threw her to the ground, and piled onto her. I stood watching as they all rubbed their bodies against hers, and i knew when they pushed their chests against hers they would feel her soft breasts pushing back, and her hard nipples scraping their skin. They stayed down longer this time, and I saw Claudia stop protesting as one firmly put a hand on each of her tits and squeezed very hard.He played with them as the others got off, and a moan escaped her lips.

One of his friends was behind him and he shoved his hand between her thighs. Claudia froze, saying "NO! You cant fuck me!!"

"I just want to feel you, baby" he said quickly and proceeded to savagely rub at her bikini covered cunt.

Her eyes shut and her head fell back as she moaned again. The guy holding her tits suddenly lunged forward and ran his tongue up her breast to her nipple, where he started licking frantically. He was copied by one of his friends who sarting working her other tit with his mouth. Claudia was pretty much making a constant series of small moans now as three of the guys went at her body, her eyes shut and legs open to a strangers hand. The last one, who had been watching for a few moments, knelt by Claudia's head and grabing her head, he pushed his tongue between her lips and latched his lips to hers, kissing her roughly. I saw the guy rubbing her pussy push aside her swimsuit and start pushing some of his fingers into her obviously very wet cunt. Claudia moaned loudly, straight into the face of the dude kissing her, squeezing her eyes shut again, and he must have found her sweet lips to much of a temptation, for he knelt over her face and, reaching into his shorts, he pulled out his half-erect cock, letting it flop onto her open lips. The guy between her legs started really pumping four fingers into her fine pussy, as she lay there watching a dick bounce around her face and lips. Claudia still hadnt reacted by the time he got fully hard, so he grabbed his dick and saying,

"Girl, i gotto cum somehow!", pushed it firmly onto her lips then through them into her mouth. I was shocked to see claudia's one free hand come up and start pumping his cock while her lips started working the head of his prick. He arched back and started laughing happily as she ran her tongue down his shaft and took one of his balls in her mouth. They all cheered and pulled off their shorts, leaving her surrounded by four naked young men, all pulling their stiffening cocks. They were all fairly big to, but one, which was only slightly shorter than the rest was so thick it looked almost like a soft drink can. Mr. Thick had been licking one of her breasts, and now he ran his cock up her stomach to her tits, where he started slapping his thick red meat against her stiff nipple.

"Come on, we all need to cum " he said.

I think my jaw was probably hanging, as Claudia got to her knees between the four guys, and looking so incredibly fuckable in her bikini bottoms, started sucking one, then another of their red, swollen cocks! They stood around her kneeling form as she went down on them all, and i could see she was really trying to give these guys as much pleasure as she could with her mouth, sucking one while firmly pumping two other stiff pricks with her hands. When sucking on Mr. Thick, she smiled and looked up into his eyes saying, "mmmm, you have a big, hard cock, boy" then she wrapped her lips around it. "Yeah? Well i like it where it is" he said, and grabing the back of her head, pushed himself into her mouth till his pubes tickled her nose. After a few moments her hands started grabbing his arse checks and i knew he was deep throating her and she had to breath.

When he pulled his dick from her mouth it looked even more swollen and thick, glistening with her saliva all over it. He grabbed her hair and pushed her face over into the groin of one of his friends, and Claudia really started sucking hard on another cock.

"Lady, we are going to cum all over your fine, slut body" this guy said, thrusting into her mouth, " come on, take it all of so that we can see your beautiful cunt and arse."

Surprising me again, Claudia stood up, and slowly dropped her bikini to her ankles showing them all her perfect cunt and pubes, standing naked between tham all as they ran their hands over her breasts and stomach and arse. There were eight hands gropping her, and at one point three guys had their hands between her legs at the same time while she slowly pumped their cocks with her hands. Her tits were covered in red marks from where the guys had been squeezing and biting her flesh, and now her cunt was getting the same work out. I watched, now with my dick in my hand, as Claudia shrieked and fell back against the chest of the guy standing behind her because his three friends had all pushed fingers into her cunt at the same time, stretching her pussy to its fullest with six different fingers. They mercilessly pounded her cunt with their hands, laughing and encouraging each other to go harder, while the guy holding her rubbed his cock against her back and massaged her tits with his hands. She had completely let go as they punched their fingers into her body, and she started cuming on their hands, her body convulsing, her moans turning into loud grunts. Clinging to the guy behind her, she thrust herself down upon their pumping hands, covering them in her juices, until, eventually, she fell to her knees again, breathing heavily. Claudia did'nt get much time to rest as the guys all started thrusting their cocks at her, and she started going at their dicks again with her mouth,sucking on them like a whore. Pretty quickly their cocks were swelling, and the guy in her mouth let out his breath and started shooting his load. He sprayed across her face and into her mouth, the sight of which was too much for the guy who Claudia was working in her other hand, for his cock started shooting to. She had been holding his stiff cock against her hard nipple as she pumped him, and the first squirt alone from his spasming cock covered her breast in thick white cum. By the time both guys had finished cuming, her face and tits were dripping goo, and she looked down at her used body. Mr. Thick pushed her head, and mouth forward again, onto the dick of his friend, which left her arse pushed against his cock as he knelt behind her. Claudia was sucking a third prick to orgasm as Mr. Thick shoved his huge piece of meat into her body, stretching her wet pussy around him. He ground his cock in to the hilt, violating her body as she arched back in shock, clinging to him as his friend squirted juice all over her exposed tits and neck. All the cum was starting to drip from her tits and dribble down her body towards her pussy as Mr Thick was slowly thrusting his cock into her. Claudia watched one strangers dick spray thick cum all over her body as another strangers thick meat forced its way in and out of her straining pussy.

"I knew you wanted to fuck my stiff cock!" Mr Thick said in her ear. "You want it dont you?"

When she didnt respond he shouted again, "Tell me you want my cock!!" as he thrust savagely hard into her belly. Claudia swallowed some sperm dripping into her mouth, then, half moaning and half speaking, started telling him.

" AAHHhhh, god, yes, fuck me with it! Your stretching my cunt with your huge dick. OOh god, i want it!!"

"Yes, thats it" he said as he pounded her from behind, her pussy making loud slurping, wet noises as she got fucked. He really fucked her hard, and Claudia started throwing herself back onto his cock.

"OOhhhh, your raping me, ah ah ah, keep raping me!!" she moaned. Her body writhed and tits bounced to the rythem of her fucking, and he snarled down at her as his thrusts got almost violent and i could see veins standing out on his full, red cock as he started unloading his cum inside her belly. Claudia's face and body had been forced into the ground as he fucked her, so i couldnt see the expression on her face as he had her, spurting cum into her for what seemed to me like a long time. He felt her squeezing his cock for a while, lazily fucking her with his slackening dick, before getting up and joining his friends. They quickly pulled on their shorts, patted her on the arse for good luck, then wandered away up the beach.

Claudia stayed with her face down and arse in the air until they had left her, and when she raised her eyes to look at me for the first time, i was waiting with my own big cock to push in her mouth. I made her suck it before i took her in the arse, pumping her third hole full of jism. We've talked alot about it since, and our next plan is to do it again, but with 2 or 3 of Claudia's girlfriends instead. So hopefully i'll have another story to tell soon...... Andrew & Claudia.

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