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March, 1999

I revealed those perfect breast which were adorned by a beautiful white lace bra. I ran my fingers across the lace and felt her nipples harden under my fingertips. She began to pull my T-shirt from my waist band of my shorts and I lifted my hands high over my head as she pulled it off. She reached around my back to unfasten my bra and my nipples were already hard and anticipating her touch.

She slowly took my tits in her hand and licked the nipples and softly sucked them simutaneously. She stopped to look at me and took my hand and guided me to her bed. She unfastened my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles holding them as I stepped out of them. She pressed her nose into my crotch and gave a light kiss to my clit through the fabric of my panties. She removed my panties while kissing the exposed flesh of my thigh. I stood there totally exposed while she stepped back to look at me and smile.

She said "You are so beautiful, I want to watch you finger yourself." I was a little stunned by her request and hesitant to reciprocate. "Please?" she said softly. Then she removed her panties and sat down in a chair across from me. She opened her legs to reveal her cunt. "I love to watch women when they please themselves." "I will too if you will for me" she said. She put two fingers in her mouth and then slid them down her breast and dipped them deep inside her own wishing well.

I was so turned on by this sight of seeing her fingers glide in and out of her pussy that I lay back on the bed and begin my own fingering. I was gasping for air as I watched her fondle her tits while pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt that I was on the brink of orgasm as she sat up straight and lunged for me on the bed. She layed on top of me and pryed my fingers from my pussy.

I didn't want to stop the oncoming orgasm but she took my fingers in her mouth and sucked all my juice from them. "I want all your juice in my mouth when you come" she said and she kissed me hard. I could taste my sweetness on her tongue as it squirmed around inside my mouth. I was pantting with desire and could only tell her "fuck me with your tongue" She smiled a devilsh grin and said "I thought you'd never ask"

She got up from me and moved around the bed to stand at my head and she begin to slowly crawl over me. Her tits rubbed mine as she made her journey down. I was so anxious to see her pussy up close to my face I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them down into my face just as she was spreading my thighs  with both her hands. I felt her fingers seperate my pussy lips.

Her tongue made slow lazy circles around my clit and in turn it made me crazy. I was however licking her clit with fierce strokes pulling her pussy closer to me. Her tongue dove deep into my hole and began to thrust in and out while I fingered her ass whole I pierced her cunt with my tongue and we found a rythym of movement with our tongues. Our hips began to thrust to meet each others tongues.

We were panting harder then we ever could on any peice of exercise equipment when all of a sudden I could feel the tightening in my stomach. A wave of passion moved through me so quickly, I could tell she was at her brink also and just like that the pleasure of those prickly nerve endings meeting and setting off another in an opposite direction overwhelming my body as I felt her stop rocking and beginning to moan with relief.

We came together and yet we couldn't bring ourselves to break this oral union. Instead we begin to lap at each other careful not to lose any of each's sweet gift we were offering. In doing so we set off mulptiple orgasms within each other until at last we collapsed in a heated fit of true ecstasy. She mustered enough strength to turn herself over next to me but still her head at my thigh and she said "So how long is your vacation?"



Mary had been a virgin until she was 18. This wasn't because she didn't want to have sex, it was because she had been sort of awkward looking. She had grown much taller than most of the girls and her class when she was in the grades 7, to almost 5 ft. 11 by the time she was 14. She didn't really start to develop any curves until she was 16, so she looked a bit like a flag pole until almost her last year in high school.