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March, 1999


I envied the way she stayed on that damn stairclimber for one hourstraight and I couldn't make it past thirty minutes. I began a cool down on the treadmill as I watched her long strides climb higher and higher. After ten more minutes I realized I had enough and wanted to really enjoy my vacation.

So I retrieved my towel and water bottle and headed for the showers. The water felt so hot and wonderful, streaming on my face, stinging my chest, dripping off my ass. I stood there for what seemed like eternity with my eyes closed, telling myself to enjoy today because tomorrow I'm bedridden with sore muscles!

I finished the shower and found my locker. I began to smoothe lotion over my body, and she (stairclimbing queen) walked by wiping sweat from her forehead, heading for the showers. I put my clothes on, closed the locker, grabbed my bag, and went to the washbasins to put my makeup back on. As I replaced my makeup there she was again but this time prancing about the locker room totally nude and she had every right because her body was perfect. She stood about five foot seven inches, maybe 130 pounds (because of muscle tone), about 36C (firm and possibly real) with "washboard" abs, and a perfect tight ass to top it all off! 

As luck would have it this perfect specimen was now directly behind me at her locker toweling herself off and I have the most amazing view of it all through the mirror! She was so comfortable standing there nude, going through her routine of lotion, deodorant, and combing her wet hair. I must have been taken by her exquisite beauty because I caught myself smiling back at her, so very casually, when she smiled at me which meant she saw me staring and then
I became embarrased by it. Here she was being cordial while I am intruding on her like I'm at a peep show.

Now that I've marked myself as a voyeur I think it's time to spare myself and go. One last look in the mirror, at myself this time, and my ploy to watch her had ended. My hair was in place, makeup finished, and clothes were back on but in need of  changing before sight seeing and shopping. Oh well off to my room. 

I stopped at the workout room sign in desk and looked for my name to sign myself out and scanned the names signed in and began to wonder which one she was. Among other things I wondered if she was vacationing as I, or on business, if she was alone as I, or with a companion. None the less there were at least twenty names and this game was getting to be perverse in some sorts so I left and headed for the elevator.

I stepped in and pushed the button for the tenth floor. Just as the doors were closing I heard a voice, "Hold the door, please."  Just like that she dashed into the closing doors and a little winded said "Thank you" with a smile. Oh God I thought to myself her again and in this tight space with me. I could only manage a smile. She pushed button sixteen and we made small talk on the slow journey up, with stops at every floor of course, about the gym, the hotel, where to shop, etc. Before I knew it she invited me to go shopping. How could I resist?

We decided I would meet her at her room after I changed and she would show me around since she visited often. I made a mad dash to my room grabbed the first outfit I could find and headed out the door to make my way to her room. I knocked once and she greeted me with a smile and apologies for not being ready. She promised five minutes and she would be ready. I took a seat and glanced around looking for traces of a companions things and saw none in the front room.

She reappeared wearing a dainty little white sundress with spaghetti straps one which was hanging off her shoulder. She was tugging at the back and gave up only to turn and ask if I would zip her up. I stood and zipped the dress and pulled the strap up onto her shoulder just as she reached to do it herself. Our hands touched and I moved mine away to let her pull up the strap. She turned to face me and said "Thank you" She lifted her hand to the tip of my hair as it rested on my shoulder and said "You have beautiful hair" I replied with "Than....." and she stepped in close to me and kissed me on my lips.

I was surprised by this gesture but excited as well. My heart almost stopped as I found myself leaning in to kiss her back but this time her lips parted and I felt the smoothness of her tongue flicker my lip. I opened my mouth to welcome it and she filled it with sweeping motions of warmth. I could feel the  moisture beginning in my panties and we were in a full fledged kiss and our hands began to roam each others body. It felt as if eternity had came and passed as we stood there. I could have stayed there forever. I reached around her back and unzipped the zipper and slipped two fingers under the straps to pull the dress away.