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March, 1999

Welcome to Sexyletters - the personal newsletter for lovers of erotic stories and sexy tales.

Wow!   The first month of Sexyletters has gone by really quickly.   February can be such a short month!   Over the last few weeks, we have been working on this newsletter, trying to bring you the best possible site!

As a result, you will see a few different things this month.   First of all, except in some areas, the double column stuff will be gone.   Too many people complained about going up and down twice per page.    You will still see it in a few places, but nothing like last month's issue.    Please send me your comments and let me know what you think!

We have also moved to white on black - this makes things easier for people using smaller screens, as well as WebTV users.  Easier on eveyone'e eyes!

We have been reviewed!    JANE'S NET GUIDE had a review of our site, and we have been added to YAHOO as well!   The word is getting out that this is a great site worth the visit!

Also, in association with ADULT MAIL, we have a special contest for all adult mail readers!   We suggest that you really should sign up for your free "sexy stuff by mail" so you can be a part of a great  give away of almost $1000 in CASH!

If you want to contribute to Sexyletters, CLICK HERE and we will tell you all about it.  Your contributions make this newsletter go!  Your name will not be published (unless you ask!)

To our new readers, WELCOME!   To our fans, WELCOME BACK!

- Monica, Editor Sexyletters



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