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February, 1999

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Dear Readers:

My wife and I, by rule, are not swingers even though we have openly discussed from time to time what it would be like to have sex with multiple partners.  Up until a few months ago, this was just a topic that we discussed.  My wife, Carol, is a petite woman who stands about 5'2" and is all of 107 pounds soaking wet.  Although Carol isn't a big breasted woman, she has those proud little titties that seem to stand straight up and point
directly at you.

Anyway, one Friday evening we had accepted an invitation for dinner with a married couple who are still very close friends of ours.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Will and Bianca, and afterwards were served warm Brandy with dessert.  Feeling really kind of warm and extremely relaxed, we all moved to the living room of Will and Bianca's apartment.

After surfing the channels for a couple of minutes we all agreed that there was nothing of any interest on television.  Will then suggested that we watch video's, that it is if Carol and I could stomach adult videos.  Seeing no harm in this, we all agreed.  Will then proceeded to start up a Vanessa DelRio flick that he had recently obtained.  It was soon clearly evident
that the Brandy coupled with the movie that we were watching had loosened the inihibitions that Carol and Bianca may have had.  Bianca began snuggling and cuddling with Will, and likewise Carol with me.

It didn't take much coaxing, and both Will and myself soon responded to our respective wives urging.  To this day I am not sure how long I was pre-occupied with my wife, but at some point a glanced up and almost shot my
load right there in my pants at what I saw.  Bianca had completely undressed and was on her knees in front of her husband, but that's wasn't what captured my attention the most.

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