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April, 1999


I received a call from a good friend and the mother of my Godchild. Her husband, an officer in the military, was going to be gone for a couple weeks and she had a chance to go to a Lancome business affair in New York City. She wanted me to drive to Jacksonville from Savannah and watch the little Princess. Since my children were at summer camp I had time to do this.

Let me give you a little background. Our husbands served together in California way back when we first began our military careers. My husband was a hot shot F18 pilot and her husband was a grunt and we got along GREAT! Several years ago my sweetheart decided to turn his wings in for a desk and took a job at the Pentagon. Six months later he was killed in a traffic accident on the beltway. I took my children and returned home.

So, I call the camps and tell them where I can be reached, I pack the car and head south. The ride is very short and very uneventful (I-95 is so boring) and I reach Jacksonville in several hours with Penny standing anxiously at the door.

"I thought you'd never get here!" she cried after a short hug and kiss. "I've got to get out of here. Tony would kill me if he knew I was doing this. He said absolutely NOT when I brought it up last month. Thank God for CAX. I tell you Leslie, sometimes I wish he'd just go find a girlfriend. All he's interested in is sex, sex, sex......."

At this point I stopped listening, especially since I hadn't participated in even a tongue fest since Greg passed away. And God, did we have great GREAT sex. There was no position we didn't try, no personal, sexual act we didn't do (no children or animals or dead things...we might be kinky at times but we weren't sick). When I had girlfriends complain about always putting out, I was always the one to surprise them but talking about how much I loved it. I'd even tell them stories of things we did and where (like at the General's Christmas party in the bathroom tub...right in the middle of a blow job someone came in and started using the toilet).

" sleep with him. Then maybe he'd leave me alone!"

"Excuse me?"

"I said maybe you should sleep with him then he'd leave me alone. God Les, aren't you paying attention here? Afterall, you were the sex fiend. Maybe you could service all our husbands so that we could have a break or two. You're the only female I know who actually likes it....oh shit, I've got to go. Princess is next door. Just pick her up around 12:00 and ya'll have fun. All the numbers are by the phone. Oh, here are the Disney passes if you want to use them. Thanks Leslie, you're a life saver."

And she was gone. My feelings were hurt though I didn't know why. She didn't really call me a slut, and I'm not one. Afterall, the only person I ever had sex with was my husband. After stewing over this for most of the morning I realized Penny was nothing but jealous and was lashing out the only way she could. Then I started thinking about having sex with Tony. He's a really goodlooking Italian with dark black eyes, olive skin and really sharp features. Because he's Infintry he's in GREAT shape. At 43 he still has a washboard stomach, and this deep voice that used to make my teeth tingle. Oh quit fantasizing....

The rest of the day was absolutely uneventful, I played with Prin in the afternoon (she's 5), put her to bed around 8:00, read a Stephanie Laurens book (big mistake since the sex is great in them) and finally turned off the light about 11:30 falling right to sleep...

and I began to dream, wild sensual dreams. Someone wass licking their way up my thighs, small, tantilizing circles just missing the target. My head wass under something, maybe a cloud, I can't tell. I spread my legs farther apart. Having lived in the middle east, I am in the habit of removing all but a small tuft of my pubic hair (I couldn't bring myself to be completely bald), so my lips and clitoris, wet from the stimulation, are wide open and ready for this unknown invader. Yet they still illuded the target. I heard them mumble something, something about a nice surprise. Fingers separate my cunt lips, swollen and excited. I raised my hips off the bed for better access, then finally, heat, wet hot heat invaded my vagina. The stranger's tongue plunged deep into my hole. It twirled a bit and came back out again, only to repeat the process. I lifted my hips higher. Fingers, one, two, three, replaced the tongue and began pumping slowly in and out of me, twisting and turning. The tongue circled my clitoris then pressed down hard. God, I was so close to orgasm. I reachd a hand behind me and began playing with my ass. He mumbled something...I don't know, I don't care. I was close to the brink. My juices were flowing and I lubricated my finger only to plunge it into my rectum. This took me completely over the edge and I ejaculated once, twice, three time. In a second I felt a huge penis ram home. Holding my hips, the man hammered hard at my cunt, over and over again. I reached under me and began playing with my clitoris. He's was bigger than Greg, or I was really tight from not having sex in so long because it was almost painful, but still he hammered away, deep, hard thrusts that I tried to match. Then I felt something enter my ass. It must have been two fingers because they were pumping and tickling at the same time. My other hand pinched my nipples as I flicked my clit, hard. Over and over, I was so close, God, I was so close. My fluids were pouring out of me. I coul smell sex even through whatever was covering my head. He wass groaning and grunting, deeper, harder, faster, faster. His dick was plowing my cunt even as his fingers plowed my ass. Then I was over the top, screaming into the night, my voice muffled by the clouds. He came so hard I can actually feel the ejaculation deep within me. He pumped and groaned, pumped and groaned, two more times, maybe, only to collapse on my back gently biting then licking my shoulder. He mumbled something, I couldn't tell, couldn't hear clearly. He took something off my head, the pillow I think...

"God Penny, that was different.....when you said come home, I've a surprise for you, I never thought it would be this."

Shit, it was Tony...and it was NO DREAM.

I didn't even have time to turn my head toward him before he noticed I wasn't Penny. I look nothing like Penny. I'm thin, Penny is womanly, I have short blond hair, Penny has a head full of perfectly coiffed auburn curls, I have an all over tan, Penny's skin never sees the sun. I always look like an unmade bed and Penny is perfect.

"Oh shit....oh shit....oh shit...." It was actually comical. Tony sat up and looked only to lay down and rub in hand over his face, only to look then close his eyes. And he kept saying "oh shit". Me, I was still too sexually satisfied to say anything. I may have been purring, I don't know. I finally said "Tony".
He laid back down and closed his eye.