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April, 1999

Welcome to Sexyletters - April, 1999

Hi folks!  Sorry for the delay with the e-zine, Monica has been under the weather a little bit and didn't really have it in her to sit in front of the computer reading your stories... that would have gotten me all hot and bothered and used up what energy I had! 

This months issue features some really hot stories, some of our readers have had some exciting adventures.   Enough to get me all wet and well, you know... ;-)

SexyLetters continues to gain in popularity on the net.   It is very enjoyable to read through my mail and see some really great comments from everyone.  You are all really very kind... and yes, maybe I will post a picture or two one of these days!


Our $50 winner this month in our contest with adult mail is... well, read the story of the month, and you will see!   The winner has until May 30th to contact us to claim him or her prize, please use the same e-mail you used to submit the story!  More importantly, your story has been added to the year end "extravaganza" where you could win more cash!

If you want to contribute to Sexyletters, CLICK HERE and we will tell you all about it.  Your contributions make this newsletter go!  Your name will not be published (unless you ask!) - if you want to enter the contest, sign up for adult mail below and watch for our SexyLetters submission link!

To our new readers, WELCOME!   To our fans, WELCOME BACK!

- Monica, Editor Sexyletters



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